Big XRP Whale Triggers Excitement with 80Million Token Transfer, Fuelling Market Speculation

Ripple Labs’ cryptocurrency, XRP, has recently seen a surge in market activity, with its price exceeding $0.52 and notable whale transactions attracting attention. In particular, close to 80 million XRP tokens were moved across various exchanges, underscoring significant market movements. Despite facing legal challenges, XRP continues to hold strong within the top 10 cryptocurrencies by market cap.

Whale Alert, a service monitoring large crypto transactions, reported three prominent transactions totalling 79.8 million XRP within the past 24 hours, highlighting substantial market activity and investor interest.

Major addresses involved in these transactions include rfQ9EcLkU and rarG6FaeYh, which moved significant amounts of XRP from Binance to Bitstamp, among others. Notably, Ripple executed sizable transfers of XRP to an escrow account, impacting the token’s market dynamics as 1 billion XRP is unlocked monthly. This adds a layer of complexity to investor sentiment and market behaviour.

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Key Insights for Investors

Key takeaways for investors from these developments include the potential impact of whale transactions on XRP’s price, the ongoing legal challenges facing XRP, the influence of Ripple’s escrow management on supply and demand, mixed investor sentiment leading to potential price volatility, and the potential for predictive insights from tracking whale activities.

It’s important to note that maintaining XRP’s value above $0.52 has proven to be challenging, with the token briefly reaching $0.5225 before falling back to $0.517. As of now, XRP is valued at $0.52, marking a 0.45% increase over the last 24 hours with a market capitalization of $28.83 billion. Derivatives market data indicates mixed investor sentiment, with a decline in futures open interest by 2.67% and a 1.42% increase in trading volumes, contributing to ongoing volatility in XRP’s price.


The recent increase in XRP activity, driven by whale movements and impactful legal and strategic developments by Ripple, signals significant market interest and potential future changes.

It is important for investors to remain vigilant, closely monitoring key whale addresses, and staying informed about ongoing legal implications to navigate this intriguing and volatile market.

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