Discover Exciting World of Blum: How to Profit from This Opportunity

Previously, we have talked about Tapswap and Notcoin. Now, we will discuss the most recent crypto project on Telegram called Blum and how you can generate income from it.

What is Blum?

Blum is a decentralized exchange platform that supports trading of token from both centralized and decentralized platforms, as well as streamlined derivative trading. It aims to address the common issues associated with centralized and decentralized exchanges and offers users the ability to purchase any coin from any network. Blum facilitates futures trading and asserts that it does not hold user funds; instead, it allows users to connect their wallets.

Blum is currently running an airdrop campaign, enabling participants to earn free Blum tokens by engaging with the project on Telegram.

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How to Earn Blum Tokens on Telegram

The Blum crypto project has a small app on Telegram operated by a Bot, serving as the initial point of contact for interested individuals.

To earn Blum tokens on Telegram, visit BlumCryptoBot and register for a Blum account.

Subsequently, you can start accumulating points by clicking the ‘farm’ button. Users should claim their points every 8 hours.

To earn more points, users are encouraged to invite friends to the game through referral links. Additionally, they should complete social or daily tasks to accumulate more points.

Once enough Blum points have been accumulated, they can be exchanged for Blum tokens and then withdrawn to a cryptocurrency wallet.

Step-by-step Instructions on Earning Blum Tokens

Step 1: Join Blum on Telegram

Click this link to access Blum on Telegram to commence your exciting journey.

Step 2: Engage in the Blum game

Upon entering the mini-app, you will find a simple yet captivating game. Play the game to gather Blum Points.

Step 3: Fulfill social tasks

Boost your Blum Points by completing a variety of social tasks. These tasks are designed to be straightforward and engaging, ensuring a pleasant experience while accumulating your Blum points. Share content, invite friends, and participate actively in the Blum community.

Step 4: Click on the FARM Daily

Similar to Tapswap, users need to continuously click on the FARM button. Remember to click on the FARM button daily within the Telegram mini-app. Each click earns you more Blum points, making it a simple and rewarding routine.

Step 5: Redeem your Blum points for coins

Once you have amassed sufficient Blum points, they can be exchanged for Blum coins and then withdrawn to a cryptocurrency wallet.

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What you should be aware of

It’s important to note that Blum has been selected for the esteemed MVB Season 7 Accelerator Program from Binance, enhances the overall credibility of the crypto project. Moreover, with over 8 million subscribers on Telegram, Blum ranks as the 4th largest Telegram channel in the world.

For airdrops, Blum farmers require a minimum of 10 referrals to qualify.

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