Discover IQ Protocol: Your Guide to Understanding and Investing IQT has recently initiated a program to reward its users with free token airdrops from promising blockchain projects. This initiative not only benefits the users but also helps in promoting new projects and increasing their adoption. It is seen as a win-win situation for investors diversifying their portfolios and for new projects seeking user engagement.

What IQ Protocol Entails

IQ Protocol (IQT) is a leading NFT rental technology that offers an immutable and open-source solution designed to seamlessly integrate with blockchain games and NFT projects. It aims to enhance key gaming metrics such as player base, activity levels, and liquidity. The technology’s easy integration has led to increased distribution and user engagement with partner assets.

Know About Token Economics

The token economics of IQ Protocol (IQT) are as follows:

– Token Name: IQ Protocol

– Token Symbol: IQT

– Max Supply: 1,000,000,000 IQT

– Token Type: ERC-20 & POLYGON

Four Steps to Purchase IQ Protocol (IQT)

To purchase IQ Protocol (IQT):

  • Users can create an account on the preferred or Recommended exchange platform.
  • Deposit the appropriate cryptocurrency (USDT) or fiat currency.
  • Search for the IQ Protocol (IQT)/USDT trading pair, and place a purchase order.
  • Once the order is executed, users should store their IQT tokens in a digital wallet for security.

Airdrop Significant Impacts

Free airdrops can have a significant impact on the adoption and distribution of a new token, as it reduces the entry barrier for investors and provides early-stage attention and liquidity for the project.

IQ Protocol (IQT) has a clear token distribution strategy, with allocation for private sales, liquidity, market making, team and advisors, public sales/IEO/airdrops, and foundation reserves and ecosystem growth.


In a nutshell,’s Startup Project Free Airdrop Program presents an opportunity for investors and new blockchain projects. IQ Protocol (IQT) offers promising advancements in NFT and blockchain gaming, providing users with potential high-growth assets. Stay updated with for more rewarding ventures in the cryptocurrency world.

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