Breaking News: BabyDoge to Launch on Solana with Bridge to Ethereum (ETH) and BNB Smartchain (BNB)

The meme cryptocurrency BabyDoge, which draws inspiration from Dogecoin, has seen increased attention within the crypto community. Notably, the cryptocurrency has recently made significant strides by relinquishing its ownership of Ethereum and BNB Chain, thereby gaining the ability to expand onto the Solana network.

BabyDoge To Deploy On Solana

A formal post on X has approved the deployment of the BabyDoge token on the Solana network, marking a crucial step in the process. This approval sets the stage for subsequent upgrades necessary for the successful deployment of the meme coin on one of the most well-known blockchains.

The community’s overwhelming support for the proposal, with 100% of members (2668 trillion) voting “yes” on, underscores the enthusiasm surrounding the endeavour. Following this development, the focus will be on stages of development, testing, and deployment to ensure seamless integration of the Solana-compatible BabyDoge token smart contract onto the proposed network.

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Why Solana?

The decision to launch on Solana was strategic, driven by its cost-efficient transactions compared to Ethereum and its accessibility through token bridges, including those with ETH and BNB Chain. Furthermore, Solana’s popularity is bolstered by its availability on exchanges, a factor not universally true for BNB Chain. These considerations were pivotal in selecting Solana as the platform for expanding BabyDoge.

BabyDoge Price Falls

The deployment of BabyDoge on Solana is expected to enable transaction speeds surpassing 65,000 transactions per second (TPS) and reduce transaction fees to 0.00025 dollars. Despite a recent price drop of 8%, with BabyDoge currently trading at $0.000000001814, we anticipate a potential price surge for the meme coin as the market recovers, aligning with the overall cryptocurrency market trend.

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