Whale Makes Headlines with Massive Profit from TRUMP Coins

The cryptocurrency market recently saw a substantial transaction as a major investor sold off 103,759 TRUMP coins, yielding $867,000. This occurred during a period of heightened interest and speculation surrounding the Trump-themed memecoin, highlighting the market’s volatility and potential for profitability.

Transaction Details

According to Spot On Chain post on their official X account, the motivation behind this transaction was primarily driven by profit. The investor initially acquired 495,000 TRUMP coins for 250,000 USDT on January 19, 2024. Even after the recent sell-off, the investor still holds 386,000 TRUMP coins, valued at approximately $3 million. This strategic move demonstrates the investor’s adeptness in navigating the unpredictable crypto market.

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Source: x.com/spotonchain

Market Analysis: Focus on ETH and DJT

In the meantime, market attention has turned to Ethereum (ETH) and a newly emerged Trump-themed memecoin, DJT. Spot On Chain’s data indicates that traders have been closely watching ETH due to recent developments such as the SEC’s closure of an investigation into Ethereum and Pantera Capital’s significant investment plans.

Rising Popularity of DJT

Santiment, a market intelligence platform, has identified a surge in interest surrounding the DJT memecoin. Reports suggest that the claim by Martin Shkreli of co-creating the Donald J. Trump token has notably bolstered this interest. The involvement of high-profile figures and speculative trading activities have continued to drive momentum around DJT.


In summary, this recent event in the cryptocurrency space highlights the dynamic and often unpredictable nature of cryptocurrency trading. The significant profits made from TRUMP coins by the investor, alongside the increasing interest in ETH and DJT, are indicative of broader market trends and the ongoing evolution of trading strategies. It is crucial for investors to remain vigilant and well-informed as the crypto market presents both new opportunities and challenges.

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