TFL/LFG’s LUNC & USTC Keys Destruction: Verifying the Claims

Chris Amani recently announced that Terraform Labs (TFL) and the Luna Foundation Guard (LFG) will not be burning their LUNC (Luna Classic) and USTC (TerraUSD Classic) holdings. Instead, the cryptographic keys to these holdings will be destroyed.

This move is meant to assure the community that these assets will not be sold or used in any way. However, the community’s demand for verification of this action reflects a fundamental principle in the crypto world: “Don’t trust, verify,” famously advocated by CZ Binance.

Confirming the Key Destruction

Verifying that the keys have been destroyed is a challenging task. In cryptographic terms, destroying a key means that the key material is permanently erased and cannot be recovered. Here are some steps and methods that can be taken to provide assurance:

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  1. Third-Party Audit: Engaging a reputable third-party auditor to verify the destruction of the keys can add a layer of trust. The auditor would need to ensure that the key destruction process followed industry standards and that no copies of the keys exist.
  2. Public Disclosure: TFL/LFG could publicly disclose the steps taken to destroy the keys, including the methods and tools used. Transparency in the process can help the community understand and trust the actions taken.
  3. Zero-Knowledge Proofs: Using cryptographic techniques like zero-knowledge proofs, TFL/LFG could prove that they no longer possess the keys without revealing the keys themselves.

Community Involvement

To further ensure transparency and community trust, TFL/LFG can share the wallet addresses where the LUNC and USTC are stored. This allows the community to monitor these addresses for any activity. Additionally, a governance proposal can be put forth to decide on the future of these funds. Here’s how this could work:

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  1. Sharing Wallet Addresses: By disclosing the wallet addresses, the community can observe that no transactions occur from these addresses. Community members can then flag any movement of funds.
  2. Community Proposal: A proposal can be created and voted on by the community to either burn these tokens or blacklist the addresses. This democratic approach ensures that the decision reflects the community’s will.
  3. Updating Circulating Supply: If the community decides to burn or blacklist the tokens, the total supply and circulating supply can be updated accordingly. This can be done through on-chain governance mechanisms and verified by blockchain explorers.

Next Steps

The LUNC community is eagerly awaiting further clarification from TFL/LFG. The previous space where Chris Amani made these statements appears to have been deleted, but another space is expected soon. During this next discussion, it will be crucial for TFL/LFG to address these concerns comprehensively and provide the necessary transparency to rebuild trust.

As an OG investor in LUNA, your dedication to the project and its future is understandable. By pushing for these verification measures, you contribute to a more robust and transparent ecosystem that can help restore confidence in LUNA and LUNC.

The destruction of keys to LUNC and USTC holdings by TFL/LFG is a significant step towards ensuring these assets won’t misused. However, the community’s right to verify these actions is paramount. Through third-party audits, public disclosures, and community governance, TFL/LFG can provide the necessary assurances. This approach aligns with the “Don’t trust, verify” principle and empowers the LUNC community to decide on the future of these assets collectively.

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