Analyst Reveals Chainlink (LINK) Enormous Price Prediction

Analyst Michael van de Poppe has identified a pattern in Chainlink’s price chart that mirrors a previous trend, which resulted in a 150% increase. Based on historical data, he predicts a potential 150% surge for Chainlink in the near future, showcasing his significant influence in the crypto community.

Regarding Bitcoin, Van de Poppe suggests that the cryptocurrency is approaching its bottom between $63,000 and $65,000 before initiating a new upward trend. He anticipates an imminent recovery for Bitcoin, with the current trading price nearing the lower boundary of his predicted range, signifying a crucial moment for investors to monitor.

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Van de Poppe also emphasizes Ethereum’s robust performance against Bitcoin, particularly its resilience at the 0.05 BTC support level. Ethereum’s current trading level at 0.0546 BTC (approximately $3,500) suggests a potential upward movement if it maintains its support level, indicating the possibility of Ethereum leading the charge in the altcoin market.

What to Note

Key takeaways from Van de Poppe’s analysis for market participants include the potential for Chainlink to replicate a previous trend with a 150% price increase, Bitcoin’s projected bottom between $63,000 and $65,000, and Ethereum’s maintenance of its key support level at 0.05 BTC, indicating growth potential.


In summary, Michael van de Poppe presents a cautiously optimistic perspective on the crypto market, highlighting significant growth opportunities for Chainlink, Bitcoin, and Ethereum in the long term, driven by ongoing technological progress and the potential for widespread adoption.

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