Robinhood’s CLO to Potentially Replace Gary Gensler as SEC Chair

A report showing indications that if Donald Trump is re-elected, there may be a potential change in leadership at the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) regarding the regulation of cryptocurrencies. It is suggested that Dan Gallagher, the Chief Legal Officer of Robinhood, could replace Gary Gensler as the SEC Chair. This speculation is fuelled by Trump’s shifting stance towards cryptocurrencies, which contrasts with the current administration’s approach.

Trump’s recent remarks express dissatisfaction with the strict regulatory measures on digital assets implemented by the Biden administration. Instead, he has shown a more positive and open-minded attitude towards cryptocurrency companies and emphasized the need for the U.S. to lead in this field.

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The CNBC Reports

A CNBC report indicates that discussions for potential nominees for the SEC Chair position include Dan Gallagher, as well as former CFTC chairs J. Christopher Giancarlo and Heath Tarbert, and Paul Atkins. This highlights the increasing influence of the crypto sector in Washington, with industry stakeholders actively seeking to shape future regulatory leadership.

Gallagher Could Potentially Replace Gesler

The speculation of Robinhood’s Chief Legal Officer taking over as SEC Chair is gaining traction, driven by opposition to Gensler’s regulatory agenda and growing support for Trump’s engagement with the cryptocurrency community. Journalist Eleanor Terrett has pointed out that Gensler might need to step down if Trump is re-elected, given the typical transition of SEC leadership with changes in administration. However, Gensler could continue until June 2026 if Biden remains in power, emphasizing the political nature of SEC appointments.

The Potential Candidate

Nate Geraci, President of ETFStore, has emphasized the potential appointment of Robinhood’s Chief Legal Officer and cited his previous experience as an SEC commissioner as positioning Gallagher as a credible candidate to guide the SEC towards a more favorable stance on crypto under a Trump presidency.

This potential change aligns with Trump’s narrative of reducing regulatory burdens and fostering innovation. Several reports indicate that Trump’s administration could signify a more lenient regulatory approach, potentially impacting the crypto market.


Earlier this year, Robinhood Crypto LLC faced scrutiny from the SEC for alleged violations of securities laws. It’s important to note that this specific situation drew criticism from both the crypto industry and the broader financial market.

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