Ripple’s General Counsel, Stuart Alderoty Slams Again, Saying SEC Has failed Time And Again To Protect Anyone

Ripple’s General Counsel, Stuart Alderoty, has slammed hard on the US commission chairman, Gary Gensler, saying that SEC has failed time and again to protect anyone, but keeps crowing about Kim Kardashian while the lines in bankruptcy courts grow longer for consumers. This insanity must stop.

It all started during the CNBC interview with SEC chairman, Gary Gensler once mentioned a need for better investment protection.

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He further called on cryptocurrency-related firms to discuss better ways to regulate the industry with the SEC. Gensler further said the “runway is running out” for cryptocurrency companies as investors continue to get hurt from crypto offerings.

Ripple’s General Counsel Comments On Gary’s Statement

Following Gary Gensler, Stuart Alderoty noted that the only “runway running out” is the false and worn-out talking points from the SEC’s chairman.

Stuart noted that Gensler’s attempt to elevate the SEC as a suitable regulator for the U.S. cryptocurrency industry is responsible for creating huge financial damage for investors.

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Stuart noted; “The only runway that’s running out is these worn out (and frankly false) talking points from SEC Chair @GaryGensler. His insistence on elevating the SEC’s quest for power over effective regulation in this country is creating deep financial damage,”

Stuart said “[Gensler] keeps crowing about Kim Kardashian while the lines in bankruptcy courts grow longer for consumers. This insanity must stop.” 

Notably, the SEC chairman and Ripple’s counsel haven’t been on a common point since the case between Ripple and SEC began. Since the inception of the lawsuit, Ripple’s General Counsel has repeatedly slammed Gensler over his preferred regulating cryptocurrency space method.

Stuart once said that he didn’t know the time Gary Gensler was appointed as the beat for crypto.

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