Ronaldinho Teams Up to Boost Solana-Powered Meme Coin $WATER Amid Growing Speculation

In an unexpected turn of events, prominent footballers Ronaldinho Gaúcho and Lionel Messi have publicly supported the Solana-based meme coin, Water (WATER). Messi displayed his endorsement by posting a picture with the Water Coin mascot on his Instagram story, reaching his extensive following of 76.6 million.

Ronaldinho Promotes $WATER

Following suit, Ronaldinho’s backing further bolstered the attention on the meme coin. While the involvement of these high-profile personalities has generated significant interest, it has also sparked considerable debate regarding the token’s legitimacy and long-term prospects.

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A worrying aspect is the concentration of almost 38% of the total WATER tokens in a small number of wallets, a cause for concern within the crypto community. This significant aggregation raises concerns about potential centralization risks, prompting discussions about the control dynamics over the token’s ecosystem. Despite skepticism, the engagement of renowned personalities like Ronaldinho undoubtedly boosts visibility among global audiences.

Ronaldinho has a track record of involvement in the cryptocurrency space, with previous endorsements of crypto projects that have been criticized as “low-quality crypto scams.” These ventures often promise high returns or unique benefits but sometimes lack transparency or solid foundations. Despite the controversies surrounding these ventures, Ronaldinho’s engagement continues to attract attention, albeit with a fair amount of scrutiny.

Market Response and Performance

The market response following Ronaldinho’s Instagram post was immediate, with CoinGecko data revealing a 38.8% increase in WATER’s price within an hour, reaching $0.0012. However, the price has since fallen below $0.00083, remaining 71% lower than its all-time high on June 26. In comparison, Messi’s endorsement on July 8 led to a significant 158% increase in the token’s value.

Water Coin’s official website highlights the project’s aim to raise awareness about water-related issues, such as deforestation and water distribution challenges in Africa. With a stated roadmap that promises charitable initiatives and celebrity partnerships, the project appears to have noble intentions. However, critics have labeled WATER as a potential pump-and-dump scheme, urging caution among investors.

Ronaldinho has also faced legal issues due to his involvement in dubious crypto ventures. In August, a Brazilian parliamentary committee investigated a $61 million crypto pyramid scheme that allegedly used Ronaldinho’s likeness without his consent. Named “18kRonaldinho,” the scheme purportedly offered daily 2% returns. Ronaldinho has denied any partnership with the scheme, asserting that he, too, was a victim of unauthorized image use.


In conclusion, the endorsements by Ronaldinho and Messi have brought Water Coin into the crypto spotlight, garnering widespread attention and provoking discussions on its validity. The concentrated token distribution and past controversies involving Ronaldinho add layers of complexity to the coin’s outlook. While the celebrity endorsements elevate the meme coin’s profile, investors in this evolving sector should approach with caution and conduct thorough due diligence. Stay tuned for further updates and insights.

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