A Full Guide to Metaelf Land: The Axie Infinity Killer

Metaelf Land has emerged as one of the most anticipated Play-to-Earn projects with remarkable features that have earned it the tag Axie Infinity Killer.

Today we have a member of Metaelf Land who will be providing a full breakdown of what the project entails and future developments lined up for the innovative P2E platform.

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A.Firstly would you please kindly give us a brief introduction to the project MetaElfLand and its start-up team members?

MetaElfLand, following the way of AXIE, hopes to lead the further development of GameFi & Play to Earn(P2E), and becomes the mark of new fashion in the NFT game. With its built-in P2E mechanism, the game makes players’ interactions much more long-lasting. Moreover, through the IDO platform, with players together we expand the Pet Metaverse project, which is our focus of further development.

Similar to pokemon, MetaElfLand is a half-round and half-instant game on-chain. Players can purchase or breed a variety of MetaElves, and by forming teams, players compete in the game’s daily tasks, PVE, and PVP to get more rewards. In the challenging TMT E-Sports Arena, players compete through tactics and strategy. The first prize winner can get 80% of the grand prize pool. Through this jackpot effect, MetaElfLand continuously attracts more players to join the game.

Our core team is composed of various professionals including, a Certified Practicing Accountant (Jason Kwok), Actuary – Top Scorer in National College Entrance Examination 2004 – (Silvia Chou), Early Binance Angel Investor – (Kevin Lu), GameFi Marketing Expert (Noah Song & Ratskie Calma) & Sophisticated Game Developer (Kidd Li, Allen Shen) with top-notch expertise, holding prestigious positions and degrees as well as broad experience and extensive knowledge in their fields.

For Further Information, please feel free to take a look at our GitBook via the following link.


B.There are a series of GameFi in the markets. So, comparing the upper ones like Axie, what are the competitive advantages or outstanding features of MetaElfLand?

Kindly please go tour Mission and vision as stated below which represent or stand for MetaElfLand’s competitive advantages.

1. Play to Earn & Play for Fun (Interesting & Exciting)

We believe the demand of the GameFi market is generally P2E. MetaElfLand can well explain to players how the mechanism works. Through the game’s unique economic system, MetaElfLand aims to satisfy this most basic market need. What’s more? Each player gets a chance to win the grand prize every week. We believe this makes MetaElfLand far more exciting than it can imagine.

We agree that E-sp[orts is an undeveloped treasure in the market which has many potentials to grow players in the long run. Take a game with a $100,000 prize pool, for example, players have to buy tokens of equal value to get the tickets to enter the match, whereas the winner’s award/token will be released within eight weeks [Release 12.5% per week]. Currently, we schedule the E-Sports match to be held once a week.

2. Play for Achievement

For players who want the achievement in the game, MetaElfLand takes it seriously and designs a grading in PVP battle, so players at a specific range of leaderboards can get their rewards. After completing each PVP challenge, a message is displayed to explain the player’s ranking changes, and this is to satisfy the player’s need for a desire for accomplishment in the game.

3. Play for Time Pass

MetaElfLand is a leisure game that you can play in the odd few minutes. This allows more people with spare time to come in to play the game. Living in a fast-paced modern life, sometimes we need a few minutes to relax. Then, playing a leisure game for distraction is a way to better deal with our lives. Designed according to our investigation, firstly, one match in MetaElfLand lasts 2-4 minutes. Secondly, there is an energy limitation to playing the game, once it runs out, players can use MELT to restore the energy and continue to play the game.

4. Play for Relaxation (Simple to Play)

For busy players, who don’t want to spend too much energy in the game, MetaElfLand’s simple and automated battle function, makes it the best choice of game for their spare time.

5. lay for Inter-Connection with Friends

We believe that games are not only for fun but also for connecting with people and making friends. The most important thing is that playing games can improve the quality of our life. Therefore, MetaSoft makes a strategic equity investment into Show. In the future, with its help, we will build our social platforms that quickly connect players around the world. Just like in a micro-society, this will allow players to connect and interact in the game and social platform. [Finally, a MELT tipping function will be implemented]

6. Play for More Scenes

Shortly, MetaSoft will set up its IDO platform to seek further cooperation with other project parties. More games will be jointly promoted. More diversified benefits will be given to our players. [For example: enables other games’ NFT to be included in the MetaElfLand’s NFT blind box]

7. Play for a Smooth Gaming Experience

Congestion and high gas fees have always been confining various GameFi. To this end, MetaSoft unites several professional teams to establish MVC Foundation, and jointly created Metaverse Chain. In the future, MetaElfLand will be implemented and cross-chained to Metaverse Chain, to elevate the user‘s game experience further.

8. Play with Non-Blockchain Player (A free PC & Android version will be released at the beginning)

In addition to P2E, MetaElfLand also focuses on the continuous improvement of the fair playing field experience in the game. In the future, we may try to set up a non-blockchain server [Reality Server], which will add more fair playing fun for players from cross-servers PVP [Items from Reality Server and Blockchain Server can not be traded and exchanged]


Axie is a great game project, which provides a lot of valuable lessons to MetaElfLand. Our advantage over Axie is 3D graphics, sophisticated E-Sports mechanism, and more focus on services surrounding the game [Such as the establishment plan of a social media platform, Interaction with the non-blockchain player, Support from future MetaSoft IDO platform, a decentralized E-Sports Prediction Market, etc.

  • GameFi, itself has a barrier to entry for users. To make it further user-friendly for players, would you please introduce to us how you design the game, from your view of the game project, to better help our players for P2E? 

To show our warm welcome message to our valuable players we are building a game participation process general guideline for their easy reference, such as but not limited to the following:

1) Blockchain Basics

2) Wallet Tutorial Guideline

3) How to Start ‘MetaElfLand’ Guideline


For those players who would like to understand MetaElfLand’s P2E Mechanism, Ex: Strategy, Game Walkthrough, Economic Cycle, and Tokenomic will all be well explained in the following link.


Furthermore, we have several short videos to introduce the major gameplay of MetaElfLand.

Both English & Chinese versions of the above gameplay will be released soon.

As the times go by, our common question & answer will be extended and we believe it can provide a convenient way for our players to quickly get to understand MetaElfLand more easily.


  • At the time being, what’s the progress of the project? Any plans for the near future to share? And will it be launched onto any trading platform? 

MetaElfland’s game development is almost completed and is currently in the polishing phase to make it a better game experience. The game is expected to launch in mid-May. Kindly stay tuned for further plans.

  • For a good project, I believe it cannot be separated from its built-in economic model, designed by the team, as well as the game mechanism settings. So would you please introduce to us the economic model of the game? And What is its advantage?

Thanks to the valuable experience learned from Axie & other games on-chain. We found out that no matter how graphic, entertaining, and interactive a project is, without the proper design of the economic system, it will be bound to fail. Therefore our team has done so much research in advance before the development of ‘MetaElfLand’. In terms of the Economic Model, we mainly focus on the following points:

1) Proper NFT Replacement Mechanism.

2) Proper Repurchase Mechanism of Utility Token & Governance Token.

3) Controllable Production & Consumption Mechanism.

4) Extended use case for NFT (Ex: Elf Land Feature, Tipping Function in MetaSoft Social Media Platform & Pet Metaverse)

5) Proper GameFi Surrounding Support Mechanism (Through IDO Platform)

For further inquiry of competitive advantages or variances between traditional GameFi & MetaElfLand, Kindly please refer to our findings from the following link.


Furthermore, to maintain a sustainable economy, various sophisticated mechanisms will be implemented such as but not limited to the following:

  • Health Mechanism


  • Stamina Mechanism


  • NFT Burning / NFT Replacement Mechanism


  • Breed Limitations


  • Gene Level System


  • Dynamic Consumption & Production Formula


  • MELT Buyback and Burn Mechanism

25% of in-game consumption will either be burned or used to re-purchase BNC to maintain the deflationary nature of the MetaElfLand economic model.

  • NFT Leasing Mechanism (will be available in the second stage)
  • Pet Metaverse – Extension of NFT use case (will be available in the second stage)
  • Actively Seek for NFT Sponsor from Other Game. [Provide more benefit to MetaElfland’s players]


  • E-Sports – Further burn MELT Mechanism


  •  Are there any Investment Institutions already invested in this project? And are there any projects with which they are collaborating?

Many ventures have already expressed their intention to join MetaElfLand, Ex: Waterdrop. Further amazing partnerships will be released soon.

  • Last question, many projects are of short life cycle now, I would like to ask how is the future planning of MetaElfland, and what is its vision?

The Plan for [Game as A Service]

MetaElfland’s vision is to adopt the Game as A Service model. Over time, new features will be announced and introduced. In addition to the current game mechanisms, players will be able to earn from selling ElfLand, furniture, and other consumables in the extended game through Pet Metaverse. For example:


ElfLand is a game in which players, in the future, can take part in various activities, including all kinds of consumptions inside the Metaverse game. In the planning of MetaElfLand, players can jointly build the Elf future home. Through the official SDK, players can design their land construction and the building homeland [NFT can be created]. Furthermore, players can have priority to get incomes from their home building and enjoy a variety of simulation games. [For example Elf Restaurant, Elf Homeland]

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The Plan for [GameFi as A Service]

We will create a MetaSoft IDO platform and part of the proceeds will be used to buy back the MELT/BNC and send it to the burnt address.

Through the IDO platform under construction by MetaSoft, MetaElfLand will have more cooperative promotion channels in the future. Further, we will bring more game partners to MetaSoft’s IDO platform to launch new projects, to jointly promote each other’s game projects.

  • Introduction to the MetaSoft IDO Trading Market

Auction Section, Trading Section, Game Prediction Section, LP Farm Section, and NFT Staking Pool Section (Five Sections in Total)

  • Auction and Trading Section
  • The trading market is divided into two sections, one trading section, and one auction section. The trading market is where NFT holders offer prices to allow other players to buy, while MetaSoft’s NFT auction market is even more interesting. The next bidder is demanded to add a fixed 10% to the price of the previous bidder’s offering. Even if the previous bidders do not finally win the NFT, they will be rewarded 20% of the premium from the next bidders.

For Example:

Mr. Chow launches XXX NFT in the MetaSoft auction market with a price of 100 BNB.

Andy offers the first bid at 100 BNB. The next offer from Bonnie is 10% higher than Andy’s, so Bonnie’s offering price is 100 + 100 x 10% = 110 BNB.

Bonnie outbids Andy finally, but Andy will get 20% awards from this premium, which is 100*10%*20% = 2 BNB. Mr. Zhou will get an 80% award from this premium, which is 100*10%*80% = 8 BNB. In the meantime, Andy’s offer will be fully refunded.

If the auction closes or no further bids are made, the transfer of assets between Mr. Zhou, Andy, and Bonnie is as follows:

Bonnie pays 110 BNB and gets the NFT from Mr. Zhou; Andy receives 2 BNB; Mr. Zhou sells the NFT for 108 BNB.

In addition, MetaSoft will charge Mr. Zhou 3% of the service fee, which is 108*3% = 3.24 BNB. So Mr. Zhou receives 108-3.24 = 104.76 BNB from this auction finally.

  • MetaSoft Staking Farming Pool Section

NFT (characters, game equipment, Elves, etc.) is a crypto asset in blockchain games. In the design of the MetaSoft GameFi System, a specific NFT is also a “mining machine”. According to the type of the NFT, different NFTs also have different “computational power”, which can be generated through the staking for earning tokens. In the future, in MetaSoft’s IDO platform, Mining NFT can be offered in a Limited Computing Power Elf Series, and from other partners’ NFT series. In the future, according to the series‘ popularity, rarity, and other dimensions of classification, Mining NFT can be divided into different levels of computing power, corresponding to different basic computing power. Players can earn $MELT by staking NFT with mining attributes into the farming pool.

As the MetaSoft IDO ecosystem continues to evolve, more and more other Big V or other game projects’ NFT will join in the MELT mining in the future. Please stay tuned.

  • Brief Description of How to Stake NFT for Revenue

The MetaSoft farming pool is the primary site where users stake NFT for revenue, and all tokens in the pool will be allocated according to the proportion of computing power of the NFT staked by users. According to the planning design of the economic model, 3% of each MetaElfLand transaction fee will be injected into the NFT pool. With the growth of MetaElfLand IP-related applications, revenue will be continuously generated from the MetaSoft farming pool.

MetaSoft Farm

In the future, users will be able to stake their crypto assets, such as MELT, as LP to MetaSoft Farming Pool for revenue. The MetaSoft Farm will offer MELT and other game incubator projects for users’ choices. To better serve the GameFi projects hatched by the MetaSoft IDO platform, MetaSoft Farms Section will base on the Genesis NFT, such as MetaElfLand Computing Power Series NFT, to speed up the players’ LP and increase their revenues.

  • Prediction of E-sports Results

The MetaSoft platform will develop an interesting and simple decentralized forecasting market. Users can bet on their vision for rewards. Users can use their knowledge or intuition from the experience of forming teams in MetaElfLand to predict which team will win the championship in an E-sports event. If the player predicts correctly, he/she will get a part of the prize pool as an award! The odds are automatically revised based on the player’s bet.

The Plan for [Multiple Social Interaction as A Service]

We concur that games are not only for fun but also for connecting with people and making friends. The most important thing is that playing games can improve the quality of our life. Therefore, MetaSoft makes a strategic equity investment into Showpay. In the future, with its help, we will build our social platforms & NFT market that quickly connect players around the world. Just like in a micro-society, this will allow players to connect and interact in the game and social platform. [Finally, a MELT tipping function will be implemented]

Announcement for Strategic Equity Investment into Showpay


Show Social Platform


NFT On Show


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