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Walken, A Protocol Powered will launch on 20th June in collaboration with Bybit as the first listing platform for its token $WLKN.

Walken, a Walk2Play-Win2Earn concept, will launch on 20th June in collaboration with Bybit as the first listing platform for its token $WLKN.

What is Walken?

Walken, a protocol powered by Solana, where people are given a chance to make a living by playing a game and sticking to a healthy and good lifestyle at the same time.

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In this game, you walk more continuously to enter various Battle-games with your CATthletes within the Walken platform. In this game, you can either earn the WALKN by going to get it on a cryptocurrency exchange or earn it via Walken.  Gems gotten from this game can be used to upgrade your NFT characters. Upgrading speed, strength, and stamina will aid you in in-game Battles.

How can the Token be accessed?

Bybit users can access the WALKN on Launchpad 2.0, a fresh revamped platform for groundbreaking blockchain projects. Bybit users can commit BIT to subscribe to token allocations or participate in Launchpad 2.0’s new lottery model for early-stage projects for a chance to win allocations of new tokens with USDT. It also allows users to buy through the Launchpad the best-performing tokens that were previously listed. 

What Walken has to offer to the world

  • A lot of people are now moving from a sedentary lifestyle of being cooped up in their close to a more active one, especially in this post-pandemic era.
  • Set a platform to connect a healthy lifestyle to the burgeoning digital economy, where you are offered fun and reward for being health-conscious which simplifies the journey into the crypto space for many.
  • It helps to drive users into Web3 and positively impact their lives while cultivating a sustainable future for $WLKN.

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According to the Alexei Kulevets, CEO and co-founder of Walken;

“Bybit is a partner we could only dream of. They were one of the first top players to believe in Walken as a team and a product concept, and since then have been supporting us in every way. We are infinitely grateful for this and are honored to be launching and growing Walken with Bybit.”

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