XRP Ledger Is Conclude to Having Native NFT Operationality

Ripple has upgraded its servers to version 1.9.1. of the XRP ledger protocol, as stated by a blog post shared earlier today.

The most recent implementation allows validators to vote in favor of the XLS-20 standard, which would bring non-fungible tokens to the ledger.

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RippleX, the developer arm of the San Francisco-based blockchain firm, claims that validators have to operate due diligence before deciding whether or not they should vote in favor of the correction.

XRP ledger offers support for fungible assets that can be used for payments. The new amendment, if passed, would make it possible to mint transfer and burn NFTs on the ledger. The team has done “extensive testing” to make sure that the NFT code works properly. It has to ensure proper performance, security, and scale.

With the integration of NFTs, more varieties of data would have to be tracked and maintained on the XRP ledger. Last September, Ripple released its $250 million NFT creator fund that was released to aid fabricators build new projects on the XRP Ledger and bringing them to market.

RippleX is already operating an NFT-Devnet that permits developers to play around with the  XLS-20 standard.

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In late April, Ripple announced that its fund had onboarded a slew of new creators, including the producer of Michael Jordan’s visual autobiography.

That implies, that the firm might already be far too late for the NFT party cycle. Given that NFT sales have broken down over the past few months, it is safe to say that the latest crypto craze has finally lost its mojo.

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