Cardano Foundation Partners With The Linux Foundation As Gold Member To Build Together Into The Future.

Cardano foundation partners with the Linux foundation according to the announcement made yesterday by Cardano Foundation. Cardano Foundation has joined as a gold member, becoming the only nonprofit active at this level.

The Cardano Foundation revealed their happy mood to have gotten a chance to work on its commitment to open-source, while also “contributing to the positive advancement of blockchain as a world-changing technology.”

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The comments of the Chief Open-Source Officer at Cardano Foundation, Dirk Hohndel.

  • “Open-source is about communities. It’s about bringing together people from different companies, countries, and backgrounds.
  • The Cardano Foundation is focused on driving the adoption of blockchain technology and we strongly believe that building a vibrant open-source community around our technology is a key part [of] achieving that goal. “
  • He also added, “The Linux Foundation, with its outstanding track record as a facilitator of collaboration around interesting open-source technology, is a perfect place for us to be.”

The Linus revealed on their official Twitter page their mood for the new partnership with the Cardano foundation; We are excited to welcome the Cardano Foundation as a Linux Foundation Gold Member. Welcome to our global.

In addition to what Dirk said, Jim Zemlin, executive director of the Linux Foundation, said  that  “The Cardano Foundation represents a natural path to adoption of blockchain technology to enable decentralized computing across a diverse set of applications”

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More also, he said that “With Dirk leading Cardano’s open-source ecosystem and the strong community already supporting this work, we’re excited to bring to bear our resources to build together into the future.”

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Two days ago, IOG and Cardano foundation came to a common point to hard fork the testnet at the end of June, which will now be allowed to go through any required integration and testing work. From the look of things and the calculation, the Hard Fork will be coming up in the last week of July.

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