Columbia Developers In Conjunction With Ripple Introduces The First Land Registry On The XRP Ledger.

Columbia collaborated with a Ripple-based solution for land registry on July 1st, 2022. This was the first of its kind, it is the first National Land Registry on the XRPL for Columbians and was developed by Peersyst Technology in collaboration with Ripple.

It was officially announced on the @peersyst Twitter page, that a team of blockchain developers with the support of Ripple, has introduced the first national land registry on the XRPL.

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The solution is implemented based on XRPstamp which will allow the registration of digital assets on XRPL and also verify their authenticity with QRCode.

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More also, the solution will be able to register over 100 thousand adjudications in a short period to guarantee confidence for Columbians.

It was a milestone as the community was congratulating the team and the Columbian government, advising the other nations to follow their step.

As reported yesterday by cryptolifedigital, Airwallet, a fintech firm that joined RippleNet as far back as 2017 extended its payment services to new Zealand. The new Zealand-based businesses now have access to Airwallexs’s service offering, including multi-currency wallets in more than eleven currencies, local payout in over 30 currencies, and global collections. They intend to roll out its services gradually in the new market, including spend management, online payment acceptance capacities, and employee cards.

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