Terra Classic Labs Boosts Community with Website Support through “LUNC Project Incubator”

Terra Classic Labs, a validator on the Terra Classic blockchain, has announced its commitment to supporting the Terra Classic community through its “LUNC Project Incubator” program. This initiative focuses on fostering valuable projects within the community, with the creation of a professional website taking center stage.

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Significant Investment: One Million Terra Classic and Ongoing Funding

Terra Classic Labs is demonstrating its dedication by providing substantial funding for the website project. This includes a one-time donation of 1 million LUNC tokens and a recurring contribution of 50% of their validator commission, which also encompasses USTC coins converted to LUNC. The initial donation will be sent immediately, while subsequent contributions will be delivered weekly to the project’s designated donation wallet every Sunday.

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Empowering the Community with a Professional Voice

The creation of a professional website signifies a significant step forward for the Luna Classic community. This platform can serve as a central hub for information, resources, and communication, fostering a stronger sense of unity and collaboration.

The “LUNC Project Incubator” program highlights Luna Classic Labs’ commitment to the long-term success of the Terra Classic ecosystem. By supporting community-driven initiatives, this program empowers innovation and fosters the growth of the LUNC project.

Transparency and Sustainability

The breakdown of the funding structure, with a one-time donation and a recurring commission-based contribution, demonstrates Luna Classic Labs’ commitment to transparency. This approach ensures a sustainable funding stream for the website project.

A Call to Collaboration

Luna Classic Labs’ initiative serves as a catalyst for further collaboration within the Terra Classic community. The success of the website project will rely on the collective effort of developers, content creators, and community members.

Looking Ahead: A Stronger Terra Classic Ecosystem

The creation of a professional website and the “LUNC Project Incubator” program represent positive developments for the Terra Classic ecosystem. By fostering community engagement and innovation, Luna Classic Labs is paving the way for a more robust and sustainable future.

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