Shiba Inu’s Average Balance Rose By 18% As whales Accumulate And Over 69M SHIB tokens were burnt Over the last 24 hours.

The rate at which the whales accumulate Shiba Inu amid the price downtrend has pushed the average balance held by the massive holders rose by a whooping 18% as revealed by the whalestats’ analysis of the top 100 Shiba Inu holders.

Shiba Inu’s Price surge is sure As Whales Show Interest more.

The interest of the whales in Shiba Inu and the activity of the Shib Army is building a very nice future for the meme coin. For instance two days ago, According to the data gotten from the Whalestats’ Twitter page, three different SHIB lumps of 250,000,000,001, 249,998,999,999, and 250,000,999,999 Shiba Inu which is worth $8.4 million has been acquired by one of the largest Ethereum chain investors, Gimli.

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Over 69M SHIB were destroyed In the past 24 hours

As stated by Shiburn’s Twitter handle, 69,507,755 SHIB tokens were burnt in 11 different transactions Over the last 24 hours.

Welcome VivianaPalavec8 to Shibarmy

The female boxer Viviana Palavec has chosen to wear the Shib logo in her sportswear in solidarity with SHIB. The translation of the tweet is:

 “Welcome VivianaPalavec8 to Shibarmy, it is an honor that you are part of this beautiful family and wear the Shiba logo to all your fights. It is a sample that Shiba can be adopted in any possible way in the world of sport.”

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Shiba Inu In Dripto

Shiba Inu was declared accepted by the Dripto a few days ago. A Dripto is a digital marketplace where fashion goods are transacted via cryptocurrency. The updates were revealed on a Thursday by Dripto’s official Twitter page.

At the time of publication, SHIB was changing hands at $0.000011, down 2.61% in the last 24 hours.

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