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KtorZ, A Technical Director Of Open-Source Development At The Cardano Foundation, Gave A Reassuring Statement On the Upcoming Vasil HFC Event

Like everyone knows that the news most expected in the Cardano community asides from every other is the Hard Fork on the mainnet. The project was to be launched long before now but due to one or two delays, making sure that the necessary nodes are tested.

On July 3rd, the Hard Fork came on the testnet which gave a more clear view of the major launch on the mainnet. The proposal was submitted some days ago, which allowed the developers and the SPOs community to run tests on it before showing it on the mainnet.

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A technical director of open-source development at the Cardano Foundation, KtorZ, brought a reassuring statement to his Twitter page in response to what one of the Twitter users who speculated that the Vasil Hard Fork might again be delayed by 2-4 weeks.

KtorZ said that the issues brought were not impactful as they concerned Cardano-CLI:

“Most of the bugs reported here concern the ‘Cardano-CLI,’ which is ‘just’ the command-line utility and the Haskell high-level interface. We should perhaps consider taking the ‘Cardano-CLI’ out of its repository. That’s a separate development stream after all.”

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He said that the node, ledger, network, and consensus bits appear to be stable so far. According to another recent tweet on the data availability by the Orbis, Cardano’s full node size is very small compared to that of Ethereum, for this reason, it is a hard thing to make data available for the rollups, making it difficult to build rollup on the Cardano.

To fully prepare for the upcoming Vasil event following changes would be implemented to capture the above issue;

  • Inline datums (CIP-32)
  • Reference inputs (CIP-31)

The tweet also stated that to implement scalability solutions like input Endorsers, a dedicated data availability solution would be necessary.

First-edition of the Cardano Developer Ecosystem Survey Lived On July 13th.

The first edition of the Cardano Developer Ecosystem Survey introduced by the Cardano Foundation has gone live today and it is slated to open for just 2 weeks and end by July 26th. It is created to allow the community participates fully.

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