Charles Hoskinson Responds To The View Of Michael Saylor On Cardano.

The CEO of Cardano, Charles Hoskinson seemed to have quieted to the speech of the CEO of MicroStrategy on Ethereum, Cardano, and a few other altcoins.

Michael Saylor, MicroStrategy CEO tagged Cardano as a security in the video discussion he had with Altcoin Daily a few days ago. He dwelled much on what made Bitcoin a commodity is the fact it need not undergo any hard fork as it happens in Cardano and Ethereum.

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Responding to that today, Cardano CEO went live on YouTube tagged “Ask Me Anything” session”.

He shared his thought on Michael Saylor, by comparing him to Tone Vayes in the current period the crypto market is undergoing, he went forth by telling the whole community that the Vayes regard every other cryptocurrency as a scam except Bitcoin.

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Cardano CEO, Hoskinson stated in the video the following statements;

  • Cardano is more decentralized than Bitcoin.
  • He went further to say that Bitcoin’s utility is far less than that of Cardano.
  • He also talks about how the Cardano can be used to buy products and services offered by the Cardano-based projects which are not possible with Bitcoin.

He quickly reminds Michael that Bitcoin is just to speculate as its use case and still he calls ADA which to speculate and also can be used to get products and services.

Hoskinson later mention that answering Michael Saylor is a waste of time and He tagged the Michael-like Bitcoin Maximalists as “the most difficult, toxic and useless people to engage with”.

Cardano-Solana Collaboration

Charles said some other things like a question was asked about the collaboration of the Cardano with Solana, he responded that idea would be the best as IOG would help fix the problem with the network.

Charles Hoskinson said, “You know, collaboration with Solana would actually make a lot of sense…

Comparing the Solana network to an old Nintendo console, Hoskinson noted, “So I was thinking since you know Solana comes from that world, that maybe there’s some legacy there, you know, we can figure out how to turn it on and off, taking it out on the cartridge, these types of things. I don’t know; it might be possible.”

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