Shiba Inu Team Follows The result from Doggy DAO On The BONE Farms Proposal By Adjusting Minting To 1 BONE Per Block

Shiba Inu aims at preventing the over-minting of BONE, the governance token. They decided to make the new mint to be 1 BONE per Block.

20 Million BONES To Be Reserved

Recall, the vote cast earlier in June, where the community was to decide on either to continue the minting of the bone till it reaches fix supply of 270 million or the burning of BONE should be halted at the 230 million Bone as the fixed supply of BONE is 250 million. The community trying to reserve a total of 20 million for the validator’s reward and the maintenance of the Shibarium.

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The decision made on June 26th was in favor of halting the burning of Bone at 230 million while the remaining 20 million should be reserved for the validators.

What Does This Adjustment Have To Do

  • In the attempt to go by the result from Doggy DAO on the BONE farms proposal, the current minting rate was adjusted to 1 BONE Per Block as said earlier.
  • It will allow for ShibaSwap rewards to continue as the TREAT, the upcoming reward token is patiently waited for.
  • The adjustment may be hard on the reward system presently, but this will give the team to focus on the task that will bring these systems to life sooner rather than later as it will begin to narrow the future of ShibaSwap.

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SHI, Shiba Inu stablecoin on the way

Shiba Inu’s lead developer reassured the community that the SHI, the Shiba Inu stablecoin, regardless of the stable tokens crash ongoing and billions in dollars getting lost in the market will be released in 2022. The version of SHI that happens to avoid the issues found in other moonshots has been submitted, while the SHI is allowed to be utilized to counter and balance the payments to be one without market fluctuations. More about the token will be released as it is finalized.

A few days ago, Canadian exchange Biconomy Global announced the listing of the BONE/USDT pair as brought through the Twitter handle, MILKSHAKE

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