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Shiba Inu Lead Developer Highlights The Requirements For Massive Burns And Shiba Inu Token Once Again Becomes The Most Used Smart Contract By 5000 Largest ETH whales.

Over 76 million SHIB tokens have been destroyed in 16 transactions in the past 24 hours. That may sound great ordinarily, but with this rate, it will take almost two weeks to burn 1 billion coins and 40 years to send 1 trillion tokens to a dead wallet.

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In the recent tweet by Shytoshi Kusama, the Shiba Inu’s lead developer, replying to the tweet of one member of the Shiba Inu community; massive burns will takes community true effort and he added that the team is really working towards achieving it on many levels not minding the time it will take.

As reported by Cryptolifedigital, the SHIBARMY reclaimed its usual 1 billion weekly burns as over 1.31 Billion Shiba Inu tokens were sent into a dead wallet in 121 separate transactions.

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Shia Inu Token Becomes The Most Used Smart Contract Among 5000 Largest ETH Whales

The Ethereum whales have not lost taste of the Shiba Inu token as the meme coin once again become the most used smart contract by the 5,000 largest Ethereum whales as stated by the whalestats. The accumulation came as a result of the bullish signal that surfaced across the entire market spectrum which made the SHIB price spike 8%.

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