Peersyst Technology Announces Its First Version Of Columbia’s National Land Registry Together With AgenciaTierras And The Support Of Ripple

Seems the result of a year’s partnership between Peersyst, Columbia’s National Land Agency and Ripple starts to surface as Peersyst Technology announced that it has published the first version of Columbia’s National Land Registry.

As stated by the Peersyst, the document was a result of the partnership with  Colombia’s National Land Agency “AgenciaTierras” and Ripple. 

“Excited to share that we just put into production the first version of the NationalLandRegistry together with AgenciaTierras and the support of Ripple, to register the first adjudication resolution in Colombia on XRPL,” 

The document is made available on the National Land Agency website on the 11774th, interested people can view it.

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Recall, that Columbia collaborated with a Ripple-based solution for land registry on July 1st, 2022. This was the first of its kind, it is the first National Land Registry on the XRPL for Columbians and was developed by Peersyst Technology in collaboration with Ripple.

The solution is implemented based on XRPstamp which will allow the registration of digital assets on XRPL and also verify their authenticity with QRCode. More also, the solution will be able to register over 100 thousand adjudications in a short period to guarantee confidence for Columbians.

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