The New Solana Space Opened To Bring Thousands Of People Per Month To The Solana Ecosystem

Talking about the new Solana Space opened in the swanky Hudson Yards New York on Thursday, the CEO of Solana Spaces, Vibhu Norby stated that it will introduce up to 100k people every month to the Solana ecosystem which also revealed his intention of opening a virtual storefront in the future.

“I don’t think people realize this but we’re going to bring 50 to 100,000 people into Solana every month through these stores — and that’s just this year.”

The CEO also said in the course of engaging the community in an impromptu Twitter AMA on launch day that the store is built to teach the new users about how to go about the decentralized applications, dApps.

Norby said Solana is home to over a thousand DApps which range from trading platforms, gaming and NFTs down to Social media.

Although the store is technically for selling amount of Solana-based merchandise, its main service is as a retail-as-a-service tutorial centre where new users receive free instructional sessions on how to set up a crypto wallet and connect to various DApps.

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It is good to know that the Retail-as-a service to stores is a showroom for the products that users can buy online.

The Solana Spaces CEO stated that the people that will get the most out of the shop are those that know little or nothing about the blockchain. “You don’t need to be here unless you want the sick merch. If you are trading NFTs full time, there’s only so much value we can offer.”

The Solana foundation helped fund the launch of the shop with a grant, but the tutorial will be sponsored by the project running on the blockchain. It is good to know, that at the moment Stepn, Orca, Solana Pay, Metaplex and Magic Eden are currently hosting tutorials at the shop. Customers receive an NFT for completing a tutorial.

As said earlier, any curious person can come in and get their first-ever crypto wallet. “Spaces is everyone’s Crypto friend,” reads Solana Spaces’ Twitter.

Moreover, the visitors will be able to earn some USD Coin (USDC) while they’re at it, as the Solana Spaces have a built-in Learn & Earn program.

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