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Buterin Vitalik, Ethereum CEO Sold A Total Of 25 Trillion SH. T Coins Through His ETH Address, This Could Lead To The Crash Of The Coin

According to the Peck Shield Alert, Buterin Vitalik, Ethereum CEO sold a total of 25 trillion SH. T coins through his ETH address.

It seems that Vitalik has lost interest in the low-performance coins. The whopping amount was received by Vitalik from the coins’ creator. The total sales are worth $33,000 on UniSwap.

Some time ago, he received a huge amount of Shiba Inu tokens from the coin’s creator. Vitalik went ahead to burn 90% of them, worth around $6 billion.

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The record revealed that the 25 trillion coins were received by the Ethereum’s head as an airdrop in the past two months. The sudden selloff could cause a crash in the coins’ price from the way it was dumped.

Also, Vitalik’s move could be a closed point with the regard to its statement about getting rid of scammers in the blockchain industry. Vitalik Buterin may not like to keep bunches of worthless sh.t coins.

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