Uniswap Blocked 253 Crypto Addresses As A Result of Recent Hack, 30 Of Out Of The Addresses Are Related To Ethereum Name Service

For the recent hack using Torando Cash, Uniswap, the Decentralized exchange has blocked 253 crypto addresses over the last four months it operated with TRM Labs, a blockchain analytic company.

The report showed that this is the first time, Uniswap revealed data which is associated with the wallet backlisting. Banteg, a Yearn Finance developer, tweeted a compiled file by Jordan Frankfurt, a Uniswap software engineer, which contains the data regarding the fund laundering.

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253 Addresses Were Blocked

Also, the file stated that the 253 addresses have been blocked by Uniswap via TRM over the four-month partnership. It was noted that addresses involved were only the ones related to fraud or scams.

“Uniswap has provided an unusual level of transparency,” Banteg said regarding “frontend censoring via TRM Labs”.

According to the tweet,  30 out of 253 blocked addresses, or around 12%, have an associated ENS (Ethereum Name Service) domain name. Most are likely legitimate users that have fallen to TRM collateral damage.

According to Banteg, “Both ownership and being a counterparty of a ‘bad’ address are checked and can contribute to blocking.

According to the software engineer at Uniswap, the following categories are the TRM basis of verification while working on addresses:

  • Child sexual abuse material
  • Hacked or stolen funds
  • Known hacker group
  • Mixer
  • Sanctions
  • Scam
  • Terrorist financing

A substantial Amount Of ETH Was Stolen On The Uniswap

As previously reported by Cryptolifedigital, the sum of 4259 ETH has just been stolen on the UniSwap ETH blockchain.

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CZ took to his Twitter page, that the exploit was on UniSwap V3 on the ETH blockchain. The hacker exploited the huge amount of ETH through Tornado Cash. With immediate effect, the issue was attended to by the Uniswap team.

Although, Harry Denley, a security researcher at Metamask has once made this known to his 13,000 Twitter followers that as of block 151,223,32, there have been 73,399 addresses that have received fraudulent ERC-20 tokens intended to steal their assets.

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