The Three Community-Led Burn Projects Burn An Astounding Amount Of 563.86 Million Shiba Inu Tokens In The Past Week.

Per the recent data from the Shibburn Twitter handle, it revealed that the Community-led SHIB Burn Projects successfully incinerated a total of 563.86 Million Shiba Inu tokens in the past seven days and 53.66 Million in the Past 24 Hours via 54 separate transactions.

The record shows that three community-led Burn Projects which include Travis Johnson’s SHIB Super Store,, and 1Cent Token, burns an astounding amount of Shiba Inu in the past week.

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Details Of The Burns Conducted By Community-Led Burn Projects

  • On the 30th of September,  burn a total of 495,644 (257.49M) SHIB and this was taken as the biggest burn of the week.
  • Following is Travis Johnson, the SHIB Super Store’s owner who sent a total of 40,108,730 (40.10M) SHIB in one record transaction using the SHIB Burn Portal on the 2nd of October.

At the event, Travis Johnson made it known since the inception of his initiative, he has destroyed a massive amount of SHIB. SHIB Super Store now has burned a whopping total of 3,022,826,872 (3.02B) Shiba Inu tokens and is eager to destroy more to take Shiba Inu to hit a dream 1 Cent ($0.01) mark.

He added that he will stay diligent with his burn initiative by saying “Smaller burn than normal, but October is off to a good start.”

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  • 1CENT, a token dedicated to SHIB Burning occupied the third position as it organized its weekly event on 26th September 2022. In the event, it incinerated a total of 17,049,151 (17.04M) SHIB  in one transaction.

It is good to know that 1Cent has removed a gargantuan 3,303,399,791(3.30B) via multiple transactions, the official website of 1Cent reports since its inception in March 2022.

Alongside the whole weekly burn event, the Shiba Inu community also showed its passion to make Shiba Inu better by burning a total of 53,663,523 (53.66M) SHIB via seven separate transactions in the past 24 hours.

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