Top ETH Whale Buys A Whopping 655.75B SHIB, worth $6.11M

One of the top ETH whales at Shiba Inu recently accumulated a whopping 655,759,416,271 (655.75B) SHIB, worth $6,111,677 ($6.11M) through three separate transactions in the past 24 hours.

The rate at which the Shiba Inu is being transacted this day has been awesome, it seems the whale has spotted a bullish ahead and they are trying to accumulate ahead of the time.

According to the record, the whale is currently occupying the 7th position among the Shiba Inu whales.

Top ETH Whale Buys A Whopping SHIB

The report stated that the big and wide-pocketed whale recently initiated a massive transaction which lead to buying of a whooping 653,203,184,591 (653.20B) SHIB worth $6,087,853 ($6.08M) some hours ago.

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Top 5000 ETH Whale

A little while after the first transaction, the whale initiated two small transactions which allow her to accumulate a total of 2,556,231,680 (2.55B) SHIB, worth $23,824.

The 7th biggest Shiba Inu holder now holds a massive 17,590,325,389,123 (17.59T) SHIB, worth $164,469,542 ($164.46M) in her wallet.

SHIB Still Retain The Top Help Asset Among Top ETH Whales

Notably, Shiba Inu is currently retaining the topmost asset held by the top 5000 ETH whales. As per WhaleStats, the top 5000 Whales collectively hold $75,289,824 ($75.28M) worth of SHIB in their wallets.

The new development was tweeted by the WhaleStats, listing the holdings of the top 5000 ETH whales.

The whale has continually been bullish on the Shiba Inu as the community offer unrelated backing for the assets and also various platform throwing the hands of support for the assets building.

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As previously reported by Cryptolifedigital,  a massive 133.53 Billion SHIB was purchased by a top ETH whale in the past 24 hours and the Shiba Inu team officially followed Shibarium’s blockchain Twitter handle.

In the recent report shared by, the top ETH whale recently acquired a whopping 133,533,637,671 (133.53B) SHIB, worth $1,609,079 ($1.60M) in three separate transactions in the past 24 hours.

Shiba Inu is currently trading at $0.000009306, up 1.75% over the last day, with a 24-hour trading volume of $180,502,176 ($180.50M).

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