Ripple Whales Move A Total Of 528 Million, Binance Initiates The Biggest Part Of Transaction

The Ripple buying spree hasn’t ceased as more whales are moving a significant number of the XRP tokens, the recent development revealed that the biggest exchange, Binance initiated a transaction which claimed a total of 350 million XRP while the total whale buy calms at 528 million.

The record showed that the transaction was initiated in the past 24 hours and it was likened to the transaction that once happened in the inception of the asset’s comeback.

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Binance Transfers 350 Million XRP

According to the whale alert, the largest crypto exchange transferred a total of 350 million XRP to a synonymous wallet. The transaction is worth $134.8M.

Notably, the binance-related wallet has a balance of a whopping 1.32B XRP worth over $511M and the wallet was activated as far back as 2018, a year after Binance was founded.

Ripple Whales Transactions Details

Shortly after the Binance’s transaction, a massive 33 million XRP token worth $12.8 million was transferred Bitstamp to an unknown wallet on November 15, 9:50 PM (UTC).

Following the last transaction, Bitstamp receives a deposit of a whopping 60 million worth about $23.3 million from the Luxembourg-based exchange on November 15, 9:51 PM (UTC). 

At the same time, another 60 million XRP was moved from an unknown wallet to Bitstamp on November 15, 9:51 PM (UTC) while in the space of nine minutes, 25.6M XRP ($9.9M) moved from one Bitso wallet to another Bitso wallet on November 15, 10:00 PM (UTC).

In a nutshell, over 528M XRP was moved in a few hours. It is worth noting that the recent transaction came after the Ripple whale moved a total of over 259 million XRP when the token rose by some percentage.

Despite a loss of steam, XRP has maintained a 3% gain in the past 24 hours, trading at $0.38 as of press time. The asset attempted to reclaim the $0.40 zone on Tuesday but faced fierce resistance.

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Ripple Gains More Amicus Briefs

However, Ripple, the leading blockchain company, has gotten more amicus briefs in its favour against SEC in the ongoing lawsuit. According to a recent report, Judge Torres had approved 11 amicus briefs in favour of Ripple, with only 2 in the SEC’s favour.

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