SHIB Metaverse Launches New Tech Trench To Aid Users Into The World Of Tech marvel, Education, And Evolutionary Spectrums

According to the Twitter handle, @ShibTheMV, the official Shiba Inu Metaverse project, another tech Trench hub concept art has been launched.

The record revealed that the concept was launched after the completion of the Fireside Chat, which came up at exactly 01:00 (UTC). The fireside chat was scheduled to unveil more insights on the first concept art of Tech Trench.

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Tech Trench

“Tech Trench immerses you into a world of technological marvels, education, and evolutionary spectrums that embrace you into the beautiful history, innovation, projects, brands, and/or future platforms that are to enter SHIB The Metaverse,” @ShibTheMV said: 

The team noted that the hub will serve as a learning centre featured by an immersive trench created in old times but has come into existence as a hyper-technology venue basically for users to get knowledge.

Furthermore, the team said that the inspirations behind the creation of the concept art hub were gotten the tech schools and universities around the world, such as Princeton University (U.S.), Yale University (U.S.), Rolex Learning Center (Switzerland), Otemon Gakuin University (Japan), etc. 

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An excerpt from the recent blog post revealed that; “This hub allows for a deeper connection with the cultural reassurances and lessons learned from the innovative and daring journey SHIB as a project & community has endured,” 

First Concept Art of A New Hub “ Tech Trench”

It is worth noting that the first concept art of a new digital location was unveiled recently and the blog post that the team has shared the first concept art of the new hub, dubbed Tech Trench, to give users an idea of its role.

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