Shiba Inu Team Releases Its First Metaverse Project Dubbed Rocket Pond, Rocket Is A Way Of Saying The Asset Is Going to The Moon

In the recent announcement released on, Shiba Inu released the first concept of SHIB: The Metaverse’s Rocket Pond.

Per the blog post, the team used the name “Rocket” because of the massive adoption in the crypto space to show that the Shiba Inu Value is “going to the moon.”

According to the statement by Shiba Inu:

“Rockets in crypto represent a belief system on the price of an asset being so charming and full of energy that it only can fly to new horizons.”

The first concept of the Rocket pond is revealed in black and white to give it the feeling of a hidden resort situated inside a mountain. Also as seen in the picture, the environment is occupied by clear waters and wildlife alongside the resort building that extends to the mountain.

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As stated by Shiba Inu; “The [concept] are early sketches, in black and white, that communicate suggestions and feedback to express granularly how this HUB will play a role in SHIB: The Metaverse,”

As stated in the post the architectural inspirations are gotten from various United states locations like Lake Tahoe, Heavenly Village, Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park, and Cape Canaveral. 

Also, the flora inspiration was gotten from White Fur, California Corn Lily, Ponderosa, Alder, Cedar, Jeffrey Pine, and Sulfur flowers.

Per the team, the experience idea for the Rocket Pond was also derived from the Resort, Gondolas, Alpine Coaster, Fly Fishing, Tubing, Trail Hiking, Bonfires/Camping, Hidden Waterfalls, etc.

WAGMI Temple

Recall, in the recent blog post by Shiba Inu, It is worth noting that the architectural design of the WAGMI Temple was derived from different inspirations.  For instance;

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Flora Inspiration: Sakura Trees, Cherry Blossoms (Japan), Flame trees (Vietnam), Wisteria (Japan), Ginkgo trees (South Korea), Plum blossom trees (China)

Fauna Inspiration: Giant Panda, Tiger, Asiatic Lion, Snow Leopard, Orangutan and Proboscis Monkey; Reptiles such as the Saltwater Crocodile, Indian Cobra and Komodo Dragon, and Birds such as the great Hornbill, Painted Stork and Peacock. Fish are also present in Koi Ponds.

Alongside WAGMI, the team said they would introduce Fireside chats all through its metaverse creative process to get feedback and address all questions and community concerns.

The idea of the Shiba Inu team launching a series of projects is to ensure its metaverse project becomes the top-best in the crypto industry.

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