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The future of the internet with Web3

The Future of the internet with web3 makes the internet experience exciting, easy to trust, and, simple for internet users.

The future of the internet is depending on any new technology that has the potential to move the attention of virtual users from their current focus to a new experience, this is what web3 has succeeded in doing, web3 has changed the focus of the people from Web2 to itself.

Since the introduction of web3, they have been different interests and discussions about it, mostly among members of the crypto community. This article will explain what you need to know about the future of the internet with web3.

What is web3?

The term web3 is used to refer to a new generation of internet integrating digital activities like blockchain technology, augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), and artificial intelligence. It can also be defined as recent-generation activities that aim to give credit to decentralized protocol activities through blockchain technology.

To explain this, currently, in the digital world, a lot of people depend on some internet providers to get their internet services, these companies are the ones that will suggest the type of service their customers gets regardless of what they want, however, they take the position of a mediator between their customers and the services they provide.

This is different with web3, there is no control over who uses which services, it is built on a decentralized network that allows everybody to make a choice on can also help each other in providing services.

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What web3 entails:

Artificial Intelligence

The aspect of technology that has helped in making excellent projections about the future is artificial intelligence. Artificial Intelligence is a major plus to the digital world. Although web2 came with artificial intelligence, its activities were practically controlled by humans, because major companies that controlled the internet still make income from it.

Before the emergence of web3 and its effect on the internet, internet reviews on products and services were always adulterated. For instance, a company may employ a group of people to write an excellent evaluation of their merchandise, even when the product is not up to the standard rated by the writer.

Along the same line, a group of people can also be paid to write negative articles about a product, this will counter the integrity of the product and bring in nasty comments

Web3 has made it more advance and distinct because the idea behind it is to reduce the manipulations. Artificial intelligence rated as an essential part of the internet is designed to help to figure out which product is genuine or not automatically.

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The Blockchain Network

The whole concept of web3 evolved around decentralization, this makes blockchain technology a core element to build web3.

The benefit of building on the blockchain is its decentralization features, on that note users of the internet have the free tendency to trade their assets without losing ownership to anyone, they can also be sure of privacy protection and operates without fear of a third party.

Furthermore, what makes web3 significant in this age is the idea of bringing in, cryptocurrencies and tokens that are blockchain base.

In that regard, a trader or user has the privilege and assurance of operating freely on the blockchain with knowledge of the security of assets and transactions.

Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR): Metaverse

The digital environment in the virtual world where users have the opportunity to interact with each other through gaming, learning, playing, working, and learning is Metaverse.

Metaverse is built on various technologies, among others, Virtual reality (VR) and, Augmented Reality (AR). Its activities on blockchain networks are engineered by fungible tokens used to buy digital merchandise of the virtual world, such as; outfits for avatars, and virtual lands.

Metaverse is still in its early stage. However, some user expects that;

  • conventional gatekeepers should not be able to have control over what goes into the metaverse.
  • to have a swift transaction, non-fungible tokens should also be used for transactions in the virtual world, just like fungible tokens.
  • AR and VR should be used as Basic technology to develop some of the applications in web3.

The Final Note

Different technologies emerge every day in the virtual world, it is pertinent that you key into the unending developing tendencies of the virtual world, so that you will not be left behind.

It was web2, then web3, In the nearest future a different technology will emerge that has the properties of both web2 and web3 with other advanced and exciting features. As the world grows technologically, grow with it.

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