Users Can Now Track Shiba Inu Easily As Twitter Launches A Price Graph For The Asset

In the recent development, it shows that Twitter launches a price graph for the Shiba Inu along with some other crypto assets including BTC, ETH, and DOGE. The graph implies that it will be allowed the asset users to keep track of these crypto assets’ prices.

Price Graph For Shiba Inu

To use the service, users are required to search for the symbol of any of the supported digital currencies with the dollar sign ($) in front of it. For instance, Twitter users can check the price of Shiba Inu by typing $SHIB in the search bar.

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After the search Shiba Inu price graph, a search result will include the pricing graphs of Shiba Inu alongside a clickable link that will take the user directly to Robinhood. Crypto enthusiasts can quickly create an account on Robinhood to purchase digital currency.

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It bears mentioning that Twitter introduced the service towards the end of last year. In a December 21, 2022, tweet, the leading microblogging platform said “When you Tweet the symbol of a major stock, ETF, or cryptocurrency with a $ in front of it (like $BTC), people on Twitter see a clickable link that takes them to search results. Starting today, these search results will include the pricing graphs for major symbols.” 

It is worth noting that Twitter first added Bitcoin and Ethereum leaving behind Elon Musk’s favourites but promised to expand support for more crypto as stated in the above tweet.

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