Coordinated Attack On XRP: Expert Outlined Six Signs

In a new tweet, renowned XRP influencer Ashley PROSPER contended the presence of a coordinated assaults designated at the XRP Army. Ashley featured different pointers as evidence of what has all the earmarks of being joint hostility to the XRP community.

Lacking media Coverage

As per him, media organizations have chosen to disregard the community in spite of XRP’s status as the giant news in the crypto circle for three back-to-back years.

In the meantime, it merits explaining that the statement of the absence of media inclusion is not an entirely truthful statement. this is because some crypto media outlet like Cryptolifedigital has been on the hook to ensure that XRP information is projected.

Ashley probably alluded to standard US-based media offices, as some other XRP figures have communicated a comparative concern. They contended the prominent shortfall of consideration from the US press was a purposeful endeavor to stifle XRP-related news.

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Hacks, Investor Looses

Moreover, Ashley referenced the presence of a synchronized spread of FUD focusing on XRP. He accepts the simultaneous spread of negative data about XRP was likewise a planned assault.

Furthermore, Ashley featured the contribution of private entities like JP Morgan in conversations with the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in regard to XRP. In his view, such significant level discussions between financial giants and controllers powered worries about the eventual fate of XRP.

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Ashley’s fourth feature was the economic ramifications of the extended fight with the SEC. As per him, the SEC claim has brought about billions of dollars in misfortunes for investors and XRP fans.

Moreover, one of the XRP forces referenced the upsetting pattern of online entertainment hacks focusing on noticeable individuals from the XRP community. Remarkably, the X account of John Deaton was hacked in June to advance a trick giveaway. Lawyer Jeremy Hogan additionally saw his Twitter account hacked.

Finally, Ashley addressed the marking of the XRP Army as “Aggressive” by the SEC and being labeled as “wild conspiracy theorist” by others.

Eminently, another XRP devotee contended that the huge number of bot accounts on the X application advancing phony XRP giveaways are essential for the planned activities against the commmunity.

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