My Lovely Planet: The Next Axie in Mobile Gaming”

The Next Axie in Mobile Gaming

In 2021, the gaming world witnessed the astonishing rise of Axie Infinity, delivering an impressive 1100x return for early investors. But what set Axie apart and, more importantly, what could be the next big thing in gaming? Enter My Lovely Planet (MLP), a mobile game backed by the Ubisoft Entrepreneur Lab, the startup accelerator run by gaming giant Ubisoft.

Facts on My Lovely Planet (MLP)

Axie’s success was partly attributed to Ubisoft’s mentorship, offering invaluable expertise, networking opportunities, infrastructure access, and resources. MLP is following a similar trajectory but targeting a vastly different market: the mobile gaming industry, which has consistently generated billions in annual revenue.

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Unlike PC gamers, who have historically been sceptical of cryptocurrencies and microtransactions, mobile gamers are more crypto-friendly and microtransaction-savvy, exemplified by the enduring success of games like Candy Crush. MLP combines elements of Candy Crush and Nintendo’s beloved Animal Crossing, making it a potential hit.

Already in beta, MLP boasts a growing player base of 30,000, with a seamless crypto integration that eliminates the barriers typically associated with blockchain gaming. The active development team continuously updates the game, enhancing user experiences.

Uniqueness of My Lovely Planet (MLP)

What sets MLP apart is its real-world impact. In-game actions translate into tangible environmental benefits, such as tree planting, ocean cleanup, and animal protection. This eco-friendly angle aligns with the current trend of attracting environmentally-conscious investments.

MLP aims to reach a mass market, including those unfamiliar with crypto. To achieve this, they plan to incorporate fiat onboarding and frictionless crypto integration, removing the complexities often associated with blockchain gaming.

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With Ubisoft’s support and expertise and its existing presence in the mobile gaming sector, MLP appears poised for success. The author is personally invested in MLP but has received no special treatment. However, to extend benefits to others, a 10% token bonus is available through this link: with the code “LADYOFCRYPTO,” with no kickbacks to the author.

In conclusion, My Lovely Planet, backed by Ubisoft and offering a unique blend of gaming and environmental consciousness, has the potential to follow in Axie’s footsteps as the next big thing in the gaming world. With its promise of mass-market appeal and seamless crypto integration, it’s a project worth keeping a close eye on.

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