Justin Sun: “I Worked For Ripple” But ETH Founder Could Not: See Reason


The digital currency industry has developed fundamentally since its initial years, from a generally obscure space to a trillion-dollar market. This being said, not much is been known of the occasions that occurred in the early periods of the industry.

Tron founder Justin Sun as of late shared one such “captivating” story about his initial involvement with the crypto space. In a new post, Sun made known that he and presently Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin looked for work jobs at blockchain startup Ripple.

As Justin Sun had the opportunity to get some work at Ripple and worked there for “quite a long time”, Vitalik Buterin didn’t was unable to get an internship at the organization given his Visa issues.

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The fruitless endeavor by Vitalik and Justin Sun’s work with Ripple frames part of a story for each founder’s excursion in the blockchain ecosystem.

This isn’t the first such report have come up connecting Ethereum’s founder with Ripple. Proof has surfaced before, uncovering that the Ethereum co-benefactor acquired specific ideas from Ripple to address ETH network scalability issues.

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The Endeavor Period

In spite of the fact that Justin Sun didn’t uncover the period when the endeavor occurred, taking into account the growth in the crypto space gives a few ideas about the time it happened. Ripple Labs, which was established in 2012, Launched before Ethereum (2015) and Tron (2017).

Thus, the job application period being spoken about by Justin occurred somewhere around 2012 and 2014, considering that Ethereum was developed around 2014. Justin Sun purportedly secured a job at Ripple in a period of two years before resigning to start up Tron.

In the interim, the two founders have gained massively in the crypto space, with Ethereum turning into the second biggest blockchain project after Bitcoin and Tron continuously winding up around the top ten digital currencies.

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