Terra Luna Classic: Security Upgrades and Burning Offset by Price Slump


Terra Luna Classic (LUNC) is undergoing a series of security upgrades overseen by its developer, Genuine Labs. While the community applauds these efforts, LUNC’s price continues to disappoint.

Security First: Genuine Labs Takes Action

Genuine Labs’ bi-weekly report highlights its focus on enhancing Terra Classic’s security. The plan includes:

  • Core Repository Upgrade: Ensuring compatibility with updated dependencies, is a crucial step for a healthy blockchain.
  • Rigorous Testing: Extensive E2E and interchain tests guarantee seamless operation on the upgraded chain.
  • Real-World Simulation: Launching a testnet mirroring the mainnet’s data ensures a smooth transition.
  • Bug Eradication: A critical bug identified by Genuine Labs, potentially halting the blockchain, has been eradicated.

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Community Steps Up Burning Efforts

Independent of the security upgrades, the Terra Luna Classic community is actively reducing the coin’s supply. On April 9th, the total burn surpassed 110 billion LUNC, shrinking the circulating supply to 6.797 trillion.

Why Isn’t the Price Reflecting the Improvements?

Despite these positive developments, LUNC’s price performance remains a concern for holders. Some validators point to futures trading as a culprit.

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The Futures Market Theory

Community member Terra Haber suggests that LUNC and its algorithmic stablecoin USTC are being suppressed by futures markets. DailyCoin’s analysis of on-chain data from CoinGlass appears to support this theory.

A significant drop in open interest (OI) and trading volume for both LUNC and USTC in derivatives markets is observed. Additionally, the long versus short position ratio leans heavily bearish, with more bets placed on LUNC’s price going down.

A Double-Edged Sword

While the news of the security upgrade is positive, a critical detail was omitted from Genuine Labs’ report. A crash-worthy bug linked to the Wasm module was identified but not initially disclosed. This vulnerability could have been exploited by hackers.

The Takeaway

Security upgrades and community-driven burning initiatives demonstrate Terra Luna Classic’s commitment to improvement. However, the price suppression from the futures market and the undisclosed bug cast a shadow over the project’s immediate future. Addressing these concerns will be essential for LUNC to regain investor confidence.

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