Hoskinson and XRP: A Feud Simmers On

Buterin Express Half trust on ETH staking, Hoskinson reacts

Charles Hoskinson, the creator of Cardano (ADA), recently attempted to clear the air regarding his ongoing disagreement with the XRP community and its parent company, Ripple. The comments aimed to address long-standing tensions and dispel conspiracy theories.

Hoskinson vs. XRP: A History of Conflict

Hoskinson and the XRP community have been at odds for some time. The recent flare-up centres on the “ETH Gate” theory, which alleges the SEC gave Ethereum preferential treatment compared to Ripple in their respective regulatory actions. Hoskinson vehemently denies these claims, dismissing them as speculation without evidence.

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The SEC Lawsuit and the Birth of ETH Gate

In 2020, the SEC filed a lawsuit against Ripple and its executives, accusing them of selling unregistered securities through XRP. Many XRP supporters believe the SEC gave Ethereum a “free pass” during a similar fundraising round.

Hoskinson’s Take on ETH Gate

While acknowledging that Ethereum’s initial coin offering (ICO) was smaller than XRP’s, Hoskinson refused to speculate on why the SEC might have treated them differently. He emphasized that Ethereum and XRP serve distinct purposes and don’t directly compete in the smart contract arena. Hoskinson’s unique perspective stems from his involvement with both platforms. He co-founded Ethereum but left the organization in 2014.

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XRP Community Holds Firm to ETH Gate

Despite the lack of concrete evidence, some XRP proponents continue to champion the ETH Gate theory. They believe it strengthens their case against the SEC in the ongoing lawsuit.

Hoskinson Rejects Calls for Reconciliation

An XRP community member recently urged Hoskinson to apologize to Ripple and the XRP community. Hoskinson countered that his past comments were misinterpreted, leading to harassment, baseless accusations of corruption, and even calls for his imprisonment. He highlighted the lack of evidence supporting these claims.

The Feud Continues

Hoskinson’s response indicates no change in his stance. Both parties seem prepared to continue their heated exchanges. The rivalry might extend beyond ETH Gate, regardless of its ultimate confirmation or dismissal. As Hoskinson himself stated in February, the XRP community may not be “ready for peace.”

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