Exclusive: Insider Unveil Game Changing Update on SHIB

The latest update on the Shiba Inu collectible card game, Shiba Eternity, was shared by Shiba Inu team member Lucie via a recent tweet on their official X account. The play-to-earn version of Shiba Eternity is nearing its launch, and it promises to offer a completely new experience compared to the mobile version. Players will have the opportunity to engage with the game’s blockchain version, featuring unique gameplay mechanics and rewards, many of which are related to the Shiba Inu tokens, Treat and BONE.

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In the blockchain version, the upcoming Shiba Inu token, Treat, is expected to have a prominent role, potentially influencing gameplay mechanics and rewards. Additionally, the inclusion of BONE, another token in the Shiba Inu ecosystem, will enable in-game purchases and may lead to increased demand for the token.

The ownership of Shiboshis, exclusive Shiba Inu NFTs, will be integral to the gameplay experience. Players will need to own specific Shiboshis NFTs to use them in-game, or they can rent them from other holders, potentially creating a rental market within the game.

Furthermore, the Kibbles earned in the mobile version will be transformed into TREAT in the blockchain version, harmonizing with the in-game economy and enriching the overall gameplay experience. Lucie also mentioned that the blockchain version has the potential to transform the way players interact with the Shiba Inu ecosystem and may drive transaction volumes while enhancing token utility. The mechanics of the game may also lead to SHIB token burns, potentially reducing the circulating supply and boosting the token’s value.

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