K9 Finance DAO Unleashes “Lock & Earn”: Stake KNINE, Earn BONE with Flexible Locking Periods

The Community Speaks, K9 Finance Listens: Introducing Lock & Earn

K9 Finance DAO, the official liquid staking solution for the Shiba Inu ecosystem on ShibariumNet (PuppyNet), is thrilled to announce the highly anticipated launch of “Lock & Earn.” This innovative product caters to long-term KNINE holders seeking to maximize their BONE rewards through flexible staking options.

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Lock Your KNINE, Unlock Real Yield

Lock & Earn empowers KNINE holders to lock their tokens for a predetermined period in exchange for attractive BONE rewards. The longer the lock duration, the higher the BONE APY multiplier you’ll earn.

This system caters to a variety of investment strategies. Whether you prefer shorter lock periods for more immediate liquidity or longer lock-ins for maximized BONE yield, Lock & Earn provides the flexibility you crave.

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Gone are the days of inflexible staking options. Lock & Earn offers a range of custom locking periods, allowing you to tailor your staking strategy to your individual needs and risk tolerance.

Live Now on ShibariumNet (PuppyNet): Unleashing the Power of Decentralization

The wait is over! Lock & Earn is now live and operational on ShibariumNet (PuppyNet), the official layer-2 scaling solution for the Shiba Inu ecosystem. This deployment ensures secure and efficient staking experiences for all KNINE holders.

A Call to Action for Diamond-Handed KNINE Holders

Are you a dedicated KNINE holder with a long-term vision? Do you yearn to bolster your BONE holdings? Look no further than Lock & Earn! Lock your KNINE tokens today and unlock the potential for substantial BONE rewards.

Join the K9 Finance DAO Revolution

K9 Finance DAO is committed to empowering the Shiba Inu community and fostering a robust DeFi ecosystem. The launch of Lock & Earn exemplifies this commitment, providing a powerful and flexible staking solution for KNINE holders.

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