Cardano Takes a Step Towards On-Chain Governance: Interim Constitution Released

The Cardano community can rejoice! The long-awaited Interim Constitution has been released, marking a significant step towards on-chain decision-making for Cardano. This interim document provides the essential rules needed to implement CIP-1694. However, it’s not the final say. A final Constitution, ratified by Ada holders in late 2024 or early 2025, will be shaped by the desires of the Cardano community.

The Interim Constitution: A Foundation for Stable Transition

The Interim Constitution isn’t a fully fleshed-out document. Instead, it’s a set of core rules designed to ensure Cardano’s stability during this transitional period. Later this summer, stakeholders (SPO) and the community will continue testing as nodes upgrade to enter the bootstrapping phase. You can find the Interim Constitution on the new Constitutional Committee Portal, the Knowledge Base, and the GitHub repository.

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Making Governance Accessible to All

The release of the Interim Constitution and technical safeguards marks the next step towards bringing a candidate node online for on-chain decision-making. Intersect, a core pillar driving on-chain governance, is providing funding opportunities to develop community tools that support Cardano’s governance. Earlier this year, they launched grants for three governance tools, with Bloxico selected to develop the Constitutional Committee Portal. Up next are the Proposal Discussion Forum and DRep Campaign Platform, developed by Intersect members WeDeliver and LidoNation respectively. These grants are crucial for Voltaire to create tools that increase participation and access to Cardano’s on-chain governance, ultimately leading to better on-chain outcomes.

Next Steps: Drafting the Final Constitution

The Interim Constitution Committee will uphold the rules and safeguards set out in the interim document, maintaining the security of the network throughout the remaining transition period. We’re currently in the final stages of establishing the Interim Constitution Committee. Voting via the Summon platform to choose the three community members who will join Intersect and pioneering entities IOG, EMURGO, and the Cardano Foundation closes on June 23rd. The community response has been fantastic!

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Community Involvement: Going Global

The call for global consultation workshop hosts received an overwhelming response, with 98 applications from 46 countries! Over the next few weeks, Intersect will award grants to workshop hosts to bring the community together. Look out for workshops near you to get involved and have your say.

More Ways to Get Involved

Stay tuned to our social media channels to find out how to attend one of the 50 global workshops and provide input on the draft Constitution (confirmed workshops will be announced on July 3rd). Head over to SanchoNet and GovTool to learn more about the technical features and participate in a user-friendly experience. Join Intersect and contribute through community-focused committees and working groups, including those involved in creating a draft Constitution that feeds into a broader community consultation process leading up to ratification. Apply for funding opportunities at Intersect to support the rollout through community tooling and other community initiatives.

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