Terra Classic Installs Cosmo Security Chain Patch For Maximum Security Of The LUNC Network


In a recent tweet, the team behind the LUNC chain has taken to Twitter, commending the effort of the developers and validators who have put it upon themselves to monitor the activities on the LUNC network via the installation of the Cosmo chain patch

Terra Rebel Applauds The Developers And Validators

“We have an amazing team of Developers and Validators who continue to watch over the lunch blockchain. Security in crypto is our top priority. Without protecting the LUNC users and the Terraclassic community, we are nothing. Thank you for all of the hard work everyone contributes”. Terra Rebel tweeted.

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Cosmo Chain Will Secure LUNC Network

The comment notably came following the swift action of the developers and validators to make sure that the chain was secured from a Cosmos Chain vulnerability.

As stated in the post on the Cosmos Hub Forum, core members of the Cosmos and Osmosis teams carried out an audit of the Inter Blockchain Communication (IBC) protocol that allows Cosmos chains to communicate following the BNB chain hack.

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It is worth noting that a vulnerability was observed, and a piece was shared yesterday. In Edward Kim’s tweet, he revealed that the developer disclosed that several validators brought the vulnerability to the Terra Rebels’ notice on October 10. 

Furthermore, Edward Kim revealed that the chain had made the minimum required security from the vulnerability in just 5 hours, as a third of the network’s voting power acted swiftly to apply the patch. And at the time of writing, this patch has been applied by over two-thirds of the voting power, the requirement for full chain security.

After seeing the announcement, community members, in response, also lauded the Rebels’ and validators’ efforts.

It is worth noting that Terra Rebel has been working ceaselessly to secure the chain from further exploits following the May Terra collapse. For instance, a member of Terra Rebel by the name reXx came to sound a note of warning regarding scam proposals on Terra Station and also about a fake swap and burn platform requiring user seed phrases.

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