Shytoshi Kusama, SHIB’s lead developer Says Revenue from outside the space “is a good idea.” As Talks On The Importance Of Partnership For Shiba Inu

Revenue from outside the space “is a good idea” was a headword used when Shytoshi Kusama, SHIB’s lead developer was thanking the community for its strong support, during this period, he took time to clear some unclear beliefs. He speaks on the importance of the Partnerships for Shiba Inu.

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Shiba Bone Reward

As released in the recent update posted on the blog post Shibarium get ready for a possible launch.

Drawing from the Ryoshi’s Roadmap.

My vision is the core Ecosystem tokens SHIB, LEASH, BONE and TREAT all performing their utility while SHI slowly but surely becomes the immutable globalized exchange of value. Imagine a fish market vendor in Durbs accepting 330 SHI for his dorado(of course tx fees will be minimal/none when run on the Shibarium) – RyoshiResearch

What is Shibarium?

This is a layer 2 solution being developed by xFUND, and Shiba Inu developers for the coexisting of all current native internal projects, platforms, and external resources and built towards decentralization.

Bone Farms

This is referred to as a governance token from the Shiba Inu ecosystem, and a major player in rewards or farming has been chosen to be used as the transactional conduit and cost necessary to act on the Shibarium network. Most importantly  BONE is set to become the ‘gas’ of the Shibarium Protocol. This ‘gas’ will provide the necessary functionality to process/execute smart contracts and transactions.

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To develop Shibarium and Reserve Bone for Validator:

  • It needs to save over 20 million BONE, for this reason, the BONE reward must be stopped to save it for its purpose.
  • The mining process should also be stopped as the minted BONE is currently at 225 million to save the 20 million BONE for Shibarium Validators.
  • The community needs to decide on whether to stop BONE farms once 230 million is reached or increase the fixed supply to over 250 million as the current fixed supply is 250 million.

The team advises the public to disregard any information concerning the Shibarium release aside from the official Shiba Inu blog. 

Shiba Inu’s Price Action

At the Writer’s time, Shiba Inu was trading on a downtrend of 6.68% at $0.0000075. SHIB dipped to lows of $0.0000071 on June 19 amid the latest market sell-off that saw billions wiped away from the global crypto market cap.

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