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BabyDoge Launches Its First Play-To-Earn Game On Petaverse, A Branch Or Division Of Decentraland.

BabyDoge announced through its official Twitter handle, the launch of its first Play-to-Earn (P2E) game on Petaverse.

It is good to know that the Petaverse is a branch or division of Decentraland.

As stated on Twitter the last Wednesday, BabyDoge’s community launched its first Play-to-Earn game on Decentraland, one of the top metaverse platforms in the industry.

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Presently, users can now play with their choice BabyDoge non-fungible tokens (NFTs), earn free tokens, and also unlock some pleasant NFTs at the first Play-to-Earn pet park in the digital universe.

More also to the breakthrough, holders of the BabyDogeNFts can get 250% boasted rewards in the game, and almost 10,000 tokenized assets are available on the Ethereum blockchain.

It is good to note that the NFTs are designed from more than 200 possible pet traits, including eyes, mouth, headwear, and fur clothing. 

Interested Users are called to play here:,119

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