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Onus Finance Now Lists BabyDoge Coin On Its App

In a recent announcement, Onus Finance said it had listed Baby DogeCoin on its app. For this update to happen to come on the Babydogecoin network is a clear indication that the coins are becoming popular among the trading platforms.

Users can now send, receive, and stake BabyDoge on the platform and more also, Onus users can swap BabyDoge for other cryptocurrencies like USDT and VNDC.

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Per the announcement; “Starting from 08:00 AM UTC on October 15th, we officially list Baby DogeCoin (BABYDOGE1M) on the ONUS application. Soon after it is added, users can perform the following features: off-chain transactions and exchanges,” 

According to the announcement, some analyses were made which say 1 BABYDOGE1M is equivalent to 1 million BabyDoge tokens. 

Announcement also noted; “Due to the low conversion rate to VNDC of BabyDoge, ONUS lists BABYDOGE1M with a value equivalent to 1 BABYDOGE1M = 1,000,000 BabyDoge,” 

Facts About Onus Finance

It is an app designed to store, exchange, stake, and earn free crypto and notably, the team behind the platform give a user-friendly interface and a secure digital financial investment solution that anyone can adopt, irrespective of their experience in the cryptocurrency market. At the moment, Onus boasts over 2.5 million registered users on the trading platform.

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BabyDoge Decentralized Exchange

There has been a lot of development on the BabyDoge network. For instance, it now has a Play-to-Earn game (P2P) and also recently launch it BabyDogeswap which is a decentralized exchange.

According to a recent tweet from BabydogeSwap.com LIVE, the total value locked (TVL) on BabyDogeSwap surpasses $18 million.

The data from the decentralized exchange reveals that the TVL on the BabyDogeSwap bypasses $18 million and at the time when the news was being filed, the Baby Doge Swap’s TVL is currently worth $18,287,096 ($18.28 million).

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