ZokshPay, A Canada-based Payment Solution, Now Supports BabyDogeCoin

A recent update revealed that an innovative blockchain-based payment solution, Zokshpay, announced its support for the third most followed canine-theme cryptocurrency, Baby Dogecoin.

As stated on ZokshPay’s official handle, online merchants from all over the world can now accept BabyDogeCoin as a payment for their WooCommerce or Shopify Stores.

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As stated earlier, BabyDoge Coin is the third most followed canine-theme cryptocurrency on Twitter with 1.5 million followers and at the moment, the coin boast over 1.6 million holders, surprisingly more than Shiba Inu.

Facts about ZokshPay

It is a top multi-chain payment gateway on NEAR, AURORA, and many other chains which are based in Canada. It came to existence in 2021 and it offers its customer from across the world a No-Code and Non-Custodial Blockchain Payment infrastructure for their E-commerce businesses.

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More also, ZokshPay is cost-effective as it charges a flat fee of as low as $0.25 on every transaction and apart from this, it is a crypto-friendly payment platform which gives its client a range of payment options like Payment Buttons, Product Pages, SDKs, Plugins, and more. ZokshPay currently supports over 190 cryptocurrencies.

The support of this Canada-based payment gateway on the BabyDogeCoin will create more use cases for the meme coin as various merchants will now be using it as a means of payment. And much more, it will drive more adoption of the coin.

As previously reported by Cryptolifedigital, the BabyDoge swap facility is now live on the Binance smart contracts. The new update introduces features like DeFi functionality, staking, and more decentralization to improve the BabyDoge coin’s ecosystem.

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