BabyDoge Team Burns Close To Half Of The Total Supply, Over 198 Quadrillion Has Been Burned So Far.

As released on the official Twitter handle of BabyDogeCoin on the 5th of August, 2022, A total of over 198 Quadrillion BabyDoge has been destroyed so far.

It is good to know that the Babydoge community hasn’t ceased in the effort to make the coin better. The recent update revealed that a whopping amount of over 198 Quadrillion has been sent into the dead wallet. This whopping amount represents over 47% of the total supply and it was worth $257 million at the time when the news was filed.

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BabyDoge Clocks A Year As They Burn 50 Quadrillion

Recall that, the BabyDoge community celebrated the 50 Quadrillion alongside the 1st anniversary since Elon Musk tweeted BabyDoge.

It is good to know that at the inception of BabyDogecoin, there are over 420 quadrillion but thanks to the mechanism of burning during the year, it was feasible to almost halve this number, and now this figure is equal to 232 quadrillions.

However, a vote was initiated to burn another 50 quadrillion tokens. The leading option in the voting was to burn all 50 quadrillion BabyDoge at once, while the less famous option was to do it gradually over two months. The voting ended on June 28th.

However, there is a lot of burning work to be done to maintain the price cap of the BabyDoge but Kudos to the Community for their continuous work till this stage.

BabyDoge Is Now Becoming Famous

In the past few weeks, BabyDoge has been gaining popularity on various platforms. For instance, According to the crypto Exchange Listing Bot, BabyDogeCoin popularly known as BabyDoge is now listed on the Poloniex exchange, with the meme token adding another main exchange to its roster.

In July, BabyDogeCoin gained support from the Canada-based crypto payments platform FCF Pay after a poll initiated on its listing. This listing made it possible for companies of any kind to accept BabyDoge as payment. The community’s target now is the enlisting of the coin on the biggest crypto exchange, Binance

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