Ethermine, The Largest Ethereum Pool Shuns Transaction Ethereum Addresses Related to Tornado Cash.

Tornado Cash has been facing some measure of censorship recently due to the current US ban, for this reason, it has been facing rejection from various platforms. For instance, Ethermine, the largest Ethereum pool ignore the Ethereum Addresses Related to Tornado Cash.

A tweet by Wu Blockchain stated that Bitfly-owned Ethermine, Ethereum’s largest mining pool, has been shunning Tornado Cash-related transactions over the past week.

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Wu Blockchain stated

“Ethermine, the largest Ethereum pool, has refused to pack Tornado Cash-related transactions into blocks in the past week. Several pool technicians also confirmed the news and said it was the first time in history,” 

Most Crypto Enthusiasts See US Ban As A Threat To Privacy

As reported by Crytpolifedgital, the current ban of Tornado Cash by the US treasury Department has not gone well with the crypto space as many have been fighting against the ban.

It is good to know that Tornado Cash is designed basically for the improvement of Blockchain privacy and also, it is designed to donate anonymously in the aid of the victim of the war and others.

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As previously reported by Cryptolifedigital, A United state member of congress by the name of Rep. Tom Emmer (R-Minn.) has taken the time to challenge the US Treasury Department on the current sanctioning of Tornado Cash saying this act of banning was an unprecedented action fighting the privacy and innovation.

So a lot of people see the US ban as a threat to privacy. The US ban was a result of the bad actors that hide under the Tornado Cash umbrella to execute their self-interest. The biggest concern of the crypto proponent was the fact that the issuer of a stablecoin should block Tornado Cash transactions which lead to the freezing of almost 75,000 USDC of users’ funds.

As stated by Vitalik Buterin: “Individual miners can refuse to include whatever they want, but it has little effect; the transaction just gets into the next block. Need a 51% attack (so, reverting blocks and not just excluding txs) to fully prevent txs from being included.”

He also said: “Need a 51% attack (so, reverting blocks and not just excluding xs) to fully prevent txs from being included.”

It is worth noting that Ethereum remains fairly censorship-resistance, although there might be changes in the post-merge. Per elyonverse X, 66% of Ethereum validators are susceptible to US regulations. For this reason, many members of the Ethereum community have sounded the warning that the stETH of validators that would allow censorship would be burnt.

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