LUNC Ranks First In Terms Of Market And Social Activities As Its Community Staked Additional 28 Billion

Despite the downtime in the Terra ecosystem, the Lunatics have not lost hope in the Terra and its token. The recent activities of the community displayed the strength they have in the token.

According to the LUNC Burn, an unofficial Twitter account live tracking all LUNC Burns, share data on Monday on the staking of 528 billion LUNC in 3 hours which represented the 28 billion increase.

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“We are currently at 528.8b $Lunc staked, an increase of 28b in the last few hours. 7.66% of total supply locked up,” the account noted in a tweet.

Total LUNC Staked Calms At 528 Billion

According to the update on Twitter, over 528 billion LUNC have been staked by the community which represented a 7.66% of the total circulation of LUNC (6.9T tokens). There has been a massive growth in the amount staked in the past 10 days as there were only 101B staked LUNC as of 27th August 2022.

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The latter staking took place on the 5th of September around 10:58 PM (UTC), the LUNC community had staked about 528B LUNC tokens while the amount of staked LUNC on September 5, 6 PM (UTC) was sitting at 500B tokens. 

LUNC Ranks First Among The Assets With The Highest Combined Social And Market Activities

A separate tweet by LunarCrush, a crypto social intelligence platform ranked LUNC as the asset with the highest combined social and market activities. 

LUNC At The Top Gainers’ List

LUNC has been doing greatly well over the week, although its good performance hasn’t made include it in the gainers’ list.

In the recent hour, added the token to the top gainer list and at the moment, LUNC is at the topmost position in the gainer list.

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