Shytoshi Kusama Says Downloading The Shiba Inu Game Will Help Reduce Total Shiba Inu Supply As Shiba Inu Team Plans To Burn 5% Of Reward Earn In The Game

Shiba Inu team shares more detail on the recently released game following the launch of Shiba Inu’s Play-to-Earn (P2E) game in Australia.

Shytoshi Kusama, the lead developer at the Shiba Inu ecosystem share some detail on his official Shiba Inu channel, saying that the teams plan to return to the SHIB community through various projects, including Shiba Eternity.

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He stated further that giving back to the community via Shiba Eternity will connote the setting aside about 5% of every profit earned from the gameplay which will be used to burn the native SHIB.

As stated by the Shytoshi Kusama, the community has a role to play in burning SHIB tokens. For instance, the community must first massively download the game to help push it to the top-ranked games in various stores which in the long run attract other outside gamers to download it.

“With your help by simply downloading the game, we will be able to push the game to the top of the app stores and hopefully generate more revenue from gamers outside the SHIB community,” Kusama added.

David Gokhshtein Commended Shiba Inu Team for Their Burn Act

The burn act of the Shiba community has recently been commended by the popular crypto trader, David Gokhshtein and a lot of drives has been coming from some major crypto industry member like Cardano’s Hoskinson.

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This act of the community has been seen as encouraged by the lead developer, Kusama and he noted;  “Occasionally I get messages like BRO, burn the entire SHIB supply,” Shytoshi said in a Discord post shared by pseudonymous Gossip Shib.

He also added burning SHIB to affect its price will take billions of dollars and in this premise, the team plans the burning 5% of every reward gotten from the Shiba Eternity to enhance the burn.

Kusama went further to say; “To burn [more SHIB], we have to implement a plan like the one you are seeing. It’s funny we’re working on that, [but] burning billions of dollars is no easy task. Trust me,” 

Shiba Eternity Is Now In vogue

The game, Shiba Eternity has now become the talk of the time since its launch. For instance, many users have got the game downloaded as it was recently available for iOS users in Vietnam and following this, the game server was increased by 50-folds to accommodate more users. following it was made available for the Australian.

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