XRP Address Hits 4,341,298 (4.34 million), An Increase Of Over 29 Million In 26 Days


According to the data captured by the Rich-List.Info, there has been a spike in the number of the XRP addresses holding the token as the XRP address hits 4,341,298 (4.34 million).

XRP Address Hits 4.34M, An Additional 29,883 New Addresses

The above number tells that in 25 days, 29,883 new addresses were added to the Ripple network. Cryptolifedigital reported the number of XRP addresses to be 4,311,415 (4.31M) some weeks ago.

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XRP Address Hits Over 4.341 Million

It is worth noting that the increased number of addresses is an indication that there has been an influx of investors into the network probably seeing the bullish in the coins as the ongoing lawsuit will be in favour of Ripple.

In a recent development on the lawsuit against SEC, the US commission agreed to hand over Hinman’s doc to Ripple which is a critical step for Ripple to win the case.

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XRP Is Up By 2.2% In The Past 24 Hours

Investors’ confidence in XRP is slightly reflected in the asset’s price. At the time of writing, XRP is changing hands at over $0.47, up 2.2% in the last 24 hours.

The increase in the number of addresses is not the only development happening in the Ripple network. It is worth noting that while the number of address keeps spiking, the whales in the network has been active in the XRP movement.

The recent record on the XRP movement was when the Ripple whale reshuffled a whopping 75 million between exchanges. More also, Ripple whales moved a massive 340,804,615 XRP valued at around $152.97 million and were shuffled by unknown whales some days ago.

Ripple is highly optimistic in the ongoing lawsuit as the SEC agreed to hand over Hinman’s doc which is believed to contain some confidential info about Ripple’s XRP.

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